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  1. It's okay, she has no preference, and I don't think I can I have time before Christmas to ship it to them and get it back. I could take it somewhere physically, and if I get that chance I'll jump on it, but for now the screen print is fine.

    Thanks for letting me know though.

  2. I think I'll go with the Youth Large because it's cheap enough and I can get it right at Devils den. Thanks for the info ev0lemi.

    WOW I just checked the nhl.com store and they womens in small. So thanks for everyone's help but it was all for naught. They didn't have any womens jerseys in not pink at Devils Den, so I'll have to order it, but it seems it won't be too long.

  3. I was in 230, completely surrounded by Habs fans. And I held up. My dad was with me, he was the Marty's Better chant guy. We held up, I ended up grabbing a flag out of one of their hands, insulting them in both French and English, and pissing them off in any conceivable way. Thanks guys in 231, 232 and 233, it ended up finally shutting them up after they were down 4-0. Great game.

    One guy said "hey, your great forward Zach Parise, he's from Canada." I said "oh, really? i didn't know Minnesota was in canada." He says "no, it was just University of Minnesota." And I said "no, he was born in Minnesota" and my brother got out his stat book to show him that's where he was born. That shut him up sufficiently.

  4. Although, I'm not sure a shutout would really have happened. It seemed that those two softies really made Marty step and be able to survive the 5 on 3. And I think they would have put something in, and we'd never have had all that momentum. Ended up pretty good in my book.

  5. My girlfriend of nearly a year and I have enjoyed watching the Devils this year and I wanted to buy her a women's jersey for Christmas, considering they're somewhat cheaper than the men's. I would like it customized for Paul Martin (she loves the number 7), but upon going to NHL.com for the women's jersey, I see they only have Devils in Large, XL and XXL. She is absolutely a size small and even medium would be pushing it. She has explicitly told me before that if I got her a pink one, she wouldn't wear it so that's out of this picture.

    So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a place to get a small Devils women's jersey, blank or customized, Rbk or CCM. I can get it customized if it comes to that, but I just want to see if there's anywhere else to look.

    Otherwise, I'm thinking men's small or youth XL, but if there's a secret somebody has, I figured I'd check here first.

    Just found this but I wouldn't trust it for myself, let alone her:


  6. I got it on Black Friday after looking through five stores. The game is great and I've been having a lot of fun playing every instrument except those stupid drums. The guitar is way easier than Guitar Hero and I find myself playing expert on nearly every song. But I've been having issues with lag and I can't calibrate it no matter how I try. It's tough. But otherwise the game is awesome.

  7. I don't think right now that we're evaluating a team during their winning streak, I think that's an unfair way to look at it. I think we're evaluating our team after our key injuries came back and our star players at least started to produce closer to their potential. And when people were saying to be moderate while we were slumping, they said to wait until we got Langs and Colin back, or up to 20 games. I think it's fair to evaluate a team on the whole from there. I mean, if you want to wait until the midway point that's okay, but I think that we can feel free to evaluate them at this point, with nothing binding. Waiting to the 40-game mark seems like a little much if we're just watching to see what the team's like.

  8. It was just a very dry ceremony, that even myself, a big NHL fan, couldn't be kept captivated by anything but the Stevens portion. He was very humble and took very little time, which I couldn't appreciate more. But watching Messier was pure agony. I just kept flipping over to see if he was done crying, but he'd talk again about the fifth guy who rode shotgun for him. Regardless, it's over and they all have their rings. But it's a thing they'll need to work on to make sure people still have respect for that kind of ceremony.

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