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  1. That's really what it seems like we need. We've got no crowd-favorite consistent all-star. We need someone who'll get two goals in a game every three games. We haven't had one for a number of years...but even if it were the equivalent of 2003's Jeff Friesen...We do need someone.

  2. That's good. And it's what I expected out of Sutter when he was hired. He's taking initiative, and if we were able to come back and win against Philly tomorrow it'd give him a gold star in my book. He's getting them into it, it sounds like. Giving Brodeur the day off, eh, not so sure. I mean the goals scored against him at the beginning were the fault of lack of support. And power plays. But the fourth and fifth...well honestly Weekes would have done a better job for them.

    Its okay, its progress, its system development, and its what we need.

  3. I can't ever see them doing it...but definitely Rockies. They were selling vintage Rockies T-Shirts in the NHL store today. I just have a feeling its closer to the current franchise, not that anyone is still with it that was with the Rockies or Scouts...but its just a bit more relevant.

  4. Ugh one big problem we found tonight...during the second intermission we wanted to explore the Grand Concourse and see the murals...but it's really hard to get downstairs. Sure, after seeing a map there are plenty of staircases, but they're poorly marked and there are no down escalators...that was disappointing.

  5. Well the fact that that was a shutout was the most disappointing thing about that game. There were some chances, but they were definitely not so good.

    To blame that game on Marty would be unthinkable. He played great. With every game I've watched, I've always been really worried when a halfway decent player got a decent chance, because they were scoring. But in this game, he had some great stops on Jagr, Drury, and even Gomez. The Dawes goals weren't amazing, but there's no way the game was on him.

    Brookbank was playing really well. He's the first defenseman to have taken shots this season that looked like they could go in. Vishnevsky was really great too with some thundering hits and some pressure as well as some shots. Rachunek, however, looks like the one that should have been pulled for Brookbank. Beyond his stupid pass to give them the go-ahead-goal, he couldn't win draws and just looked so clueless with the puck. Oduya wasn't great, but he drew a penalty and had some scoring chances, so it was better than average at least. Martin played okay.

    As for our forwards, there was very little coming from Zach Parise and Brian Gionta unfortunately, and I couldn't completely tell why. A lot of it looked like it was because there were just a lot of oddly-placed line changes that eliminated the possibilities of shots, which were so rare. Elias and Zubrus weren't horrible, but neither of them had any highlight plays to speak of. Asham wasn't the caliber he's been playing, but I cut him some slack because he's given us a lot since we acquired him for hits.

    Pandolfo and Madden the only ones with scoring chances, but easily saved by Lundqvist, who gets the easy shutout. There were no shots that really should have gone in, and I feel as if we could be playing against any goaltender and the result would have been the same.

    I'm just really tired of seeing some of the problems with last year leak through to our strategy this year. We are still doing dump-ins when we should be pursuing the puck, but sometimes we pursue too much and lose it and give the defense a chance. And that looks like it will go away when we finally work out the kinks of this system. But unfortunately the problem here looked to be our power play and PK. We had three and couldn't convert on any of them, and most of the time they'd be spent bringing it in, having it dumped back in, picking it up in the back of the net, waiting for a line change, and trying again. We had what, one shot on the PP? And on the penalty kill, they were given too many shooting lanes, too many times when we were caught out of position, causing some nice saves by Marty or as we saw in the third, a goal.

    So overall...I just want them to go home...

  6. Thank God! never thought this trip would end! and i never expected the arena to be finished by now!

    Im Only gonna be able to watch one devils home game in the rock ecause i live in canada but it doesn't matter, watching all of you guys cheering them from my tv is better than enough!

    isn't this the longest road trip in NHL History and not just devs history? i think i read it somewhere on nhl.com!

    Oh well, hope we can get Langs back and white back in time before our run to make the playoffs is too late!

    Yes, I believe in the 2007-2008 season preview for the Devils they said it was tied for the longest in NHL history.

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