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  1. Glad to see he'll play, I'm at least curious to see what he can do. And it looks like those line changes are really the ideal. Elias and Zajac have been working well, and I know Elias and Asham have worked well together as well. Of course the Gio-Parise-Zubrus line will work, combining speed, playmaking and physical aspects. And of course Madden and Pando are unstoppable lately. Hopefully they knock off Oduya and it looks like this team will be in good shape for Thursday.

  2. Well, looking over the game. Zubrus' "goal" makes me feel a little better about the big picture. I liked seeing Parise again being a real playmaker. The D was just no good. Rachunek and Oduya weren't any good, Vishnevsky wasn't playing as well as normal but he was the only visible defenseman. Brodeur had some nice saves but Biron was unstoppable. I really wish Gionta would step it up a bit to make up for Zubrus being so slow and us depending on him. Elias has been really impressive lately. We just...need to work on this game a little more before we get it right.

  3. A good gesture to say the least. But last year we caught a Prego guy outside CAA with a box of Devils plastic cups. Along with our years of multitudinous playoff cups, I think we're good on Devils drinkwear. But gifts from Tiffany's are appreciated at least.

  4. Wow. I was skeptical about their true progress...but the only things missing right now are brand names everywhere. The seats (even the nose-bleeders) look very nice unsheathed and I'm glad to see what the restaurant and its views look like finished. :D can't wait.

  5. Brodeur was the thing that impressed me about this game. Glad to see Madden, Asham, Pandolfo and Zajac rackin' them up, but Brodeur was really standing on his head and had some knockout saves on this highly offensive team. He covered well, and compared to the so-so Fleury, he gained a little back of what we normally see out of him. The times he got beaten were not really bad goals, and three of the four were power play goals. Without so little defensive support, if we see at least this much out of Brodeur for the remainder of the road trip, I think we could pull 10 points.

    And it's interesting--we knew Parise was good but he's really playing well. He's being a real playmaker, and along with Zajac and Elias, this is turning into much more of a team. And the way he's able to capture the zone and skate around players reminds me of a certain player who formally played center for Gionta and Elias...can't recall his name though. But he's really great at keeping his cool, and that's why I hope that he gets the captainship next year or the year after. When Crosby took him out and stayed on him, he just focused on the play. And Asham would go on to punch him in the jaw. :D

    One of the issues I had though was us having the zone. There were a lot of times when a quick turnover sparked a real need for a block. Which is okay. But it reminded me of last year a lot when it would trickle into their zone and we would either change lines or send in one player. It seems like if we want a forechecking team, we need to tackle those opportunities. But I guess we need a sound D for that to really work...we'll see.

    But overall, good game. Weird game. Good game.

  6. Yeah I got them too...it was very odd. I also got the three jerseys I ordered today, so I got two Devils boxes...I mean, a good thing, but confusing. I guess they're a cool thing to have...

  7. Here, just got mine, made some pics.

    Blurred the serials and specific seats for security reasons. If you're in my section and want my row and seat, PM me.

    Just the tickets:


    The tickets, parking passes and booklets:


    Gets me so pumped:


  8. I had a similar choice before this season, between Parise, Madden and Gionta. I chose Gionta, but if I had to choose between your three I'd choose Madden I think. He's a veteran, and the only reason I'd choose him over Langenbrunner is because if you got it without a 'C' or 'A' it should be right. Parise, well, you could get him, but I don't think his contract is long enough that he'll necessarily be on the Devils for as long as the jersey lasts. But that's just me.

  9. Well of course I'm glad to hear about the Rangers. But for some reason I've been intrigued with the Coyotes this year. Wayne Gretzky is intriguing himself, but I like to watch how they're pulling along after being near the bottom. Apparently not much better, shut out by the Jackets. Ah well.

  10. I feel like if they hadn't pulled Brodeur so early/at all they'd have had a better chance. With the extra attacker they were sprawling, frantic and screwy. Without, they were calculated, had Greene and Martin backing them up and Parise doing the brunt work. Really wish we could have pulled it out there, but I have a feeling we'd have lost in overtime. Oh well.

  11. Been just skimming these forums a lot lately and finally decided to get an account. I've been a Devils fan in Central Jersey for as long as I can remember, going to a bunch of games especially last year. Over the 06-07 season I became die-hard and this year I have season tickets and we've got lettered jerseys on the way. I've been trying to get a hold on Devils history as well, and I think I've done an all right job so far.

    Yankee fan too.

    I'll be at most of the games at The Rock this year, and I'll be into it more than ever.

    So just letting everyone know I'm here.

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