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  1. I had a similar choice before this season, between Parise, Madden and Gionta. I chose Gionta, but if I had to choose between your three I'd choose Madden I think. He's a veteran, and the only reason I'd choose him over Langenbrunner is because if you got it without a 'C' or 'A' it should be right. Parise, well, you could get him, but I don't think his contract is long enough that he'll necessarily be on the Devils for as long as the jersey lasts. But that's just me.
  2. Nice. I mean, the Parise-Zajac-Langenbrunner line would also have worked...but I guess because Langenbrunner played center.
  3. Thank God Elias pulled something through. Made up for Gomez scoring last night.
  4. That's just an ugly shot. I'm shocked there was no (visible) blood when he got up. I'd say 10-15 games for that... But the end of that video made me laugh. I mean, he hits Sanford and then its just a huge mess...
  5. Well of course I'm glad to hear about the Rangers. But for some reason I've been intrigued with the Coyotes this year. Wayne Gretzky is intriguing himself, but I like to watch how they're pulling along after being near the bottom. Apparently not much better, shut out by the Jackets. Ah well.
  6. I feel like if they hadn't pulled Brodeur so early/at all they'd have had a better chance. With the extra attacker they were sprawling, frantic and screwy. Without, they were calculated, had Greene and Martin backing them up and Parise doing the brunt work. Really wish we could have pulled it out there, but I have a feeling we'd have lost in overtime. Oh well.
  7. Been just skimming these forums a lot lately and finally decided to get an account. I've been a Devils fan in Central Jersey for as long as I can remember, going to a bunch of games especially last year. Over the 06-07 season I became die-hard and this year I have season tickets and we've got lettered jerseys on the way. I've been trying to get a hold on Devils history as well, and I think I've done an all right job so far. Yankee fan too. I'll be at most of the games at The Rock this year, and I'll be into it more than ever. So just letting everyone know I'm here.
  8. If they had kept up their play from the first period they'd have had it...But that was just awful. Johnny Oduya did not make me happy tonight. Vishnevsky did.
  9. For the most part, I just think Sutter is letting us know who he thinks is leading right now, not even thinking about the past. He's making this Sutter's year. And I can respect that. But I assume Langenbrunner will get at least an A when he comes back, but I guess we'll see where Zubrus' goes. It's interesting though that two of them will be on the same line, and I still feel like Gio will still spend some time with Zubrus and Elias. Gee, then we really would have an A line.
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