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  1. I think he was pretty good for Albany/Lowell in the past so it's good to have him down there on a two-way, and we can always call him up when we need a depth d-man. Not a bad signing.

  2. I definitely want to keep Oates. I thought the faceoffs gave us a real advantage when they could, and if we can get the PP under control this season he can work nicely with whoever we get as a head coach.

  3. I absolutely HATE to say it, but Canucks in five.

    The thought of seeing Luongo hoisting the Cup while listening to Canadian commentators sickens me.

    Ugh yeah. Still though, he'll have to win two more in order to be anywhere near where the Canadian commentators think he is.

  4. Wow, very good news. After all the crap with his son and the complications that caused, he really needed to step down. I think Shanny will make a good replacement, if that rumor becomes true.

  5. I'd still be just a little worried about having two older goalies just due to injuries. While they both seem solid enough when they're healthy, there's a legitimate concern that one or both of them could go down for an extended period of time. So we'll see what happens. I wish our younger prospects could be ready to step in this year, but they're still too young really.

  6. I've always wondered whether a racetrack (horse or auto) would be appropriate. You could set up the rink on the homestretch, but you'd have to bring in bleachers for the other side of the rink. The Isles (or, more likely, the Rangers) could host a game at Aqueduct or Belmont, the Devils could play at the Meadowlands, etc.

    Last year I went to the AHL Outdoor Classic in Syracuse, NY, at the NY State Fairgrounds. They set up the rink in the racetrack, and you had about 20,000 in the big grandstand and they set up a small grandstand in the middle for about 1000 more people. Besides the ridiculous proportions of the grandstands, it was a good venue. Better somewhere a little warmer though, it was extremely cold, and it was wet out there.

    But anyway, I think it's definitely feasible at NHL level, and if they could afford to put up a legit grandstand at the center you could probably get 25,000-30,000 people there. However, this still isn't as much as your average baseball or football stadium, so I don't know. For reference:


  7. This is the best idea in my mind:







    Keeps the most rivalries within divisions and makes most geographic sense to me.

    This really fixes the West IMO.

  8. I think the Devils have been doing a lot of coddling to get him not to do such a thing. The awards, the public announcements...they recognize he's slipping because of the huge national coverage he's been doing the past few seasons. I think it's really important that the Devils have him as an announcer...who's our backup, Cangiolosi?

  9. I guess Lou is waiting for the season to end? Not time to panic yet, still, let's get this sh*t done!

    I'd say he's waiting for the draft to be over with, such a high-level pick is going to be a fragile and interesting situation for Lou, so I think he'll do that then he'll get Parise straightened out. I think there's 0 chance that we don't at least get a 1-year deal out of him.

    And I really like this Merrill kid. Obviously haven't seen anything of him yet, but I really like what I'm hearing and of his stats so far.

  10. I just can't believe Burke was pushing so hard to get him at whatever value, for like a year and a half now. I guess since he started saying it so early it just transitively convinced people he'd be worth it. I mean, don't get me wrong, he's a good defenseman, and would probably be an improvement on damn near anyone on the Devils backline. But still, there comes a point where it's just not worth the cost.

  11. You might also have to consider putting Larson at $2 million, which I would unscientifically put the odds at 20 percent for him falling to the four pick. Any other draft pick stays in junior another year or goes to Albany. Will be hard to resist doing that to Larson.

    No way would Lou pay him $2 million out of the gate. No way.

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