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  1. A constant feed of Devils Twitter/Facebook updates would be good, like all TG updates, Devils updates and stuff like that. Basically what we get in NJDevs but streamlined for the normal fan.

  2. nbc... ha! we'll never see the devs nationally ...

    Yep, nother ten years of this...yippee.

    I am happy about Versus vs. ESPN however. I know people who were hoping for the sloppy seconds we'd get on ESPN but Versus gives us legitimate coverage, and as soon as they figure out their crap with the providers who don't carry them I'd prefer them to ESPN.

  3. I'll take Moose back at 500k as much as any goalie, and I definitely want Greene back. I knew Lou would want him back once he wasn't able to trade him a few seasons ago, he became a forever Devil. I, for one, (unpopularly) am glad to hear it from Lou, but we'll see about the price...

  4. IMO, Bruce Boudreau would be just another coach in the revolving door in NJ. He's good at regular season and can't do it in the playoffs, which sounds too similar to some of our more recent coaches, so I don't think it's worth even trying him. I think we really need a coach who has experience winning. It's worked out in the past.

  5. Can I just say that it's actually pretty funny to watch us Devils fans decide who to draft with an early first rounder. It's such a foreign situation, we can't even come close to a consensus :P .

  6. Wow, this is amazing! I didn't even have an inkling that something like this would happen! Guess the hockey Gods rewarded us for the great job we had for the second half of the season...we got our cake and could eat it too!

  7. I personally really like DeBoer and would welcome him as coach here in NJ. Though I still think it's a better move to get a real veteran coach. DeBoer is still a "gamble".

  8. It would be real interesting if we got into the top 5 but I think we'll be 8th. I'm not too worried since as we've all heard, this draft class isn't too different outside the top 7 or 8 so we'll most likely end up with a pretty decent player no matter what happens.

  9. My Predictions:

    #1 Washington Capitals vs. #8 New York Rangers

    Washington in 6. I think that the Rangers are going to put up a fight in this series but it comes down to goal scoring, and the Capitals have it and the Rangers don't.

    #2 Philadelphia Flyers vs. #7 Buffalo Sabres

    Flyers in 5. I think the Flyers will roll over the Sabres, who might be the hotter team at the moment, but again, I think it comes down to goal scoring more than goal tending in this series and the Flyers have one of the most talented offenses in hockey.

    #3 Boston Bruins vs. #6 Montreal Canadiens

    Totally unpredictable series but I'm going Boston in 7. On a hunch.

    #4 Pittsburgh Penguins vs. #5 Tampa Bay Lightning

    Tampa in 6. Another close series but without their leaders, Pittsburgh will be left out to dry by the bolts.

    #1 Vancouver Canucks vs. #8 Chicago Blackhawks

    Canucks in 5. Canucks are way deeper this year and Chicago just barely snuck in.

    #2 San Jose Sharks vs. #7 Los Angeles Kings

    Sharks in 6. Much as I like the Kings I think this one will easily go to the Sharks, since the Kings are without Kopitar. Going to be a fun series to watch though.

    #3 Detroit Red Wings vs. #6 Phoenix Coyotes

    Detroit in 4. I love the Coyotes but Detroit is just too good in the playoffs, injuries notwithstanding.

    #4 Anaheim Ducks vs. #5 Nashville Predators

    Preds in 6. An interesting series, definitely, with some teams I'm not so familiar with.

  10. Any information about Zubrus???????? It he will not be able to play for national team in WC div.1 I will pray for the Devil to cook that fu*ken crabb and feed him to the tramps. I'm burning right now, after I knew what happened in a meaningless game. WC starts at april 17 and it was the only good thing about devils are not in the playoffs. If Zubrus is hurt it will be the worst hockey year

    TG article says he'll be fine. So at least there's that. He's a maybe for Saturday but he'd definitely be back in time for the World Championships.

  11. That's because he is takin it from behind by Pauly D down at the shore.

    Go Leafs Go!

    That's great! only 10 Million... Klumien boys... league minimum...has 30

    Go Leafs Go!

    You think that pansy Kelly Clarkson will man up and fight Rosehill!


  12. Yes.

    More interesting discussion: if Kovy wins two cups with the Devils (same as Elias) and stays for the remainder of his career, does he deserve to have his number retired?

  13. I remember a few months (years?) back we had a thread about these guys. Scam artists. They basically bring you in and torment you to sign up for a timeshare...I don't have any personal experience so don't trust me completely, but based on that thread, it sounded like you should avoid those guys.

  14. I've especially been noticing recently how strong their Fenwick has been. Last few games it'll be something crazy like six shots for then two shots against. For the first period anyway. The seconds and thirds have been much more sloppy, but it's definitely looking up as compared to earlier this year. I hope the team remembers if Lemaire decides not to stick around though, because they forgot last year under Maclean.

  15. I say we go for a D-man or a RW. It may not be a popular opinion, but I think we're okay at center for a while. We could really use a top-tier RW. Tedenby seems like he'll be a good #2 RW, we have Elias and Zajac at center, Kovy and Zach at LW, but we really lack that top-line RW. It's not Zubrus, it's not Rolston, and it certainly isn't Clarkson, and I don't think Palmieri's ever going to fill that role.

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