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  1. This is how I like to look at the situation, and it's funny, because literally the day before this whole thing happened, I was sitting, and thinking, comparing Kovalchuk to other NHL superstars.


    How I ultimately felt, after comparing him to most notably, Giroux, was that yes, they both bring amazing skill and talent to the game, but Kovalchuk's game wasn't very electric. We rarely saw Kovalchuk net a late game, or go ahead goal.


    His game was just very static, carry the puck through the neutral zone, stop by the boards, wrap the puck around the corners. He never really tried to create chances for himself with dekes, in his last year or two, he was just a pure shooter, and a pure shooter that played a criminal amount of minutes.


    A final thought that I was left with, after this all happened, was how our shootouts are going to suffer dearly. There was a significant drop off when we lost Parise, now losing them both, our only dependable shootout guy is Patty, other than that, we're screwed.

    Kovalchuk had never been an electric player with NJ. Not the same player he was in Atlanta certainly. You could see it dragging on him a little this year after he got to play with SKA during the lockout (injury notwithstanding). But he's a superstar. Not the kind that puts butts in seats (non-hockey fans don't care about Kovy, or know who he is). Not like Brodeur, who is somewhat of a local legend here and will continue to be after his retirement. Kovalchuk will be forgotten in a few years.

    But I'll always remember this as the most significant Kovalchuk moment:

    And it makes sense that he assisted on the Henrique OT goal vs. NYR. He makes the guys around him better. He's exciting to play with. He's super exciting when he scores. You can't build a team around him like you can with Ovechkin but he's certainly a huge, devastating loss. In retrospect I'm much more disappointed about Zach (still). Zach was truly a great player and a great man who grew up with this team and embodied this team. I still can't help but think he misses NJ a little bit and the role he'd get to play (especially post-Kovy).

  2. I'm so excited about the trade and what it means to this franchise! So much better to have Schneider than another question-mark forward. Considering our questionable drafting the last few years, I'd take the sure bet in Schneider and we've got him for two years, at which point we can pay him whatever he's worth because Marty and Moose will be out of the picture.

    Scoring will come from somewhere, free agency is shaping up to be crazy this year. But Schneider addresses a huge need and likely turns us into a playoff team once again.

  3. I really wish we wouldn't lose another "heart" player like Clarkson. That's what was most disappointing about losing Parise, not just because of stats, but he is just harder working than his talent. I hope he stays for that reason. Also because we're pretty thin at RW.

  4. Patrik Elias------------- 19

    Ilya Kovalchuk--------- 17

    Andy Greene---------- 14

    Andrei Loktionov------ 14

    Adam Larsson--------- 14

    Ryan Carter------------ 13

    David Clarkson-------- 14

    Adam Henrique-------- 13

    Steve Bernier---------- 13

    Dainius Zubrus-------- 12

    Mark Fayne------------ 11

    Peter Harrold---------- 11

    Jacob Josefson------- 11

    Travis Zajac------------ 10

    Martin Brodeur-------- 10

    Steve Sullivan--------- 10

    Alexander Urbom-----10

    Matt D'Agostini---------10

    Marek Zidlicky --------- 9

    Stephen Gionta-------- 8

    Alexei Ponikarovsky--- 7

    Tom Kostopoulos------ 7

    Harri Pesonen--------- 7

    Johan Hedberg-------- 6

    Henrik Tallinder-------- 6

    Krys Barch-------------- 4

    Clarkson +1

    Ponikarovsky -1

  5. Definitely watching them play and hearing from Ponikarovsky after the second period...it's pretty clear they are just an old team, who understand exactly what's happening and therefore they're just rolling with it. I'm not blaming the age for the way they're losing recently, but I just feel like if there were a stronger infusion of young blood into the core the team wouldn't be outside the playoff picture right now.

    Bringing in Loktionov and D'Agostini were steps in the positive direction...but the future looks a little scary since our drafting outside of defense has been so weak recently...

    ...There's definitely going to be some drama in NJ in the next few years between goalie turnover, free agency and what happens with the playoffs in the next few years. Guess it's exciting?

  6. I agree that it really should be Moose's last year this year. Buyout if necessary.

    And I don't really think Lou is going to trade for a goalie (much as I wish he would). I honestly think the most likely scenario is him trying some random goalie playing in Europe or something, someone off everyone's radar. Now of course this doesn't mean this will be a good goalie (Pikkarainen, Pesonen, etc.), but it just seems like more of a Lou move than throwing money at Bernier or Khudobin (though maybe, because of Subban). I don't have any idea who that would be but who knows, maybe Lou does.

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