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  1. I don't know how many people on this board like Saranac (or have it available to them, I'm in Upstate NY), but I'm not a huge Saranac fan but their Adirondack Lager is quickly becoming one of my favorite beers. Great blend of that crisp Lager feeling with some light malts to complement.

  2. I think Cangialosi has come in and done a fine job of replacing Doc. NJ has always been blessed with some great announcers.

    Of course he hasn't replaced Doc, but he's definitely improved since picking up the top position. Not too much "SCARRR" anymore, but still plenty of "LOOSE IN FRONT" and "sharp-angle try". I think he's done an alright job, but definitely doesn't play off Chico as well as Doc did.

    I'm still glad we get to hear Doc every once in a while though, even if it's not for a Devils game.

  3. I have never seen so many bad calls in a two week span. Its insane.

    And not to mention bad calls that determined not only goals, but entire games in many cases (definitely in the case of Ottawa-Montreal and arguably in the case of St. Louis-Detroit). I hope something gets done. I've felt like for the most part players aren't showing lockout rust but the refs sure are, in terms of consistency and in terms of calls blown.

  4. This team needs more then Bobby Butler.

    I hope the only reason Lou has been holding off on making a move was to wait for it to really show we need more offense. I think we've been proving it recently.

  5. I'm probably in the minority here but I still enjoy watching him play. He's even had a few nice goals this year rather than his normal "work hard in front of the net and jam it home" type goals that we got used to. I'm not surprised he's off to a great start and I think the contract won't be an issue for the first few years. But when his body starts to break down, it's probably going to get ugly. I miss him but for what his contract is, I'm fine not having him here.

    At least (some of us) can still cheer for him when he's playing for the USA.

    I would definitely count myself in this camp as well. Much as I wanted to dislike him for leaving I understand his decision, I don't think he was trying to spite anyone, and I think he just made a life choice. He's a great player and I want to see him succeed.

    Just wish he was still succeeding for the Devils, I'd at least get to watch him more often.

  6. I've watched a few games and of course most of his goals on highlight reels...and it really stings to see him succeed so much with another team. His talent and hard work is so clear, no matter the sweater. I'm really gonna miss him.

  7. My friend saw this commercial the other day for the first time, and he's a big climber/climbing fan and recognized the woman, who is apparently a famous/accomplished climber.

    I, a climber myself, had to explain why i hate it in spite of that.

  8. Although TG seemed insistent on Twitter that everyone would be getting the MSG+2 feed in HD, in my area they only even listed an SD channel online, with the left side cut off and an embarrassing aspect ratio issue. Ended up watching the Islanders feed, which despite the announcers was honestly fine. I don't know why they bothered with the awful Devils broadcast.

  9. We'll never truly knows what goes on behind the scenes with Lou, especially because he's as secretive as it gets, but I don't think it's as simple as you make it out to be, that it would've been so easy for Lou to re-sign these guys earlier. Those guys all knew big money awaited them once they hit UFA. They also know that Lou is usually not one to dole out insane mega-deals (though Kovy was clearly the major exception to that rule, and Elias' deal was up there for the time).

    I'm not sure exactly what happened with Parise...I have no idea how close they were before talks broke down (before the start of last season). I do know that 13 years and $98 million for him is silly. I liked Parise a lot (what Devil fan didn't?), but with the type of game he plays and his size, can't help but wonder how long he'll hold up. I don't like those insane long-term deals as it is (including Kovy's), but I probably would've been comfortable giving Zach 7 years, tops.

    Yeah the main weird thing about Parise was that when he signed the one-year deal the previous year, he said "with the intention of signing a long-term deal" the next offseason. I honestly didn't believe at any point that he would leave the Devils. He's an interesting case, because he didn't even really sound like he wanted to leave the Devils, so much as he just really saw a lot of positives in both NJ and Minnesota. I don't blame that on Lou. I just think that if Lou had simply capitalized on the chance to sign Zach when he said he wanted to sign a long-term deal, and actually signed him to that instead of a one-year contract, he'd still be a Devil.

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