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  1. Yep I simply meant the failing principle that you can only negotiate with free agents after the season is over. It's been a mixed bag of results but no matter the results, I believe it has been a negative for Lou. Guys like Niedermayer, Rafalski, Parise had reasons to leave, of course, but if they had simply been re-signed earlier along we may not have ever seen those issues come to rise.
  2. Very glad about this deal. Might be a smidge more than we would ideally pay him, but honestly, Zajac is exactly the type of player we want to be paying $5.75mil per season if he doesn't have a huge dropout in the immediate future. Much better than paying $5 million to what's left of Brian Rolston or some other veteran on the open market. Zajac is a serviceable, versatile forward, and I have no problem with him being a part of our core. Would like to see Clarkson signed next. Not necessarily for 8 years. But I'm glad Lou made an exception after losing Zach and didn't just stand on failing principle.
  3. I'd gladly give up Merrill+Fayne/Greene+pick? for Ryan, but that's just me.
  4. Really looks like the players are milking this debate for all it's worth. Especially Don Fehr. Because it's clear that although the PA has done nothing but give things up (compared to previous CBA), they still have leverage because ultimately, the owners are the ones losing money. Of course the players are losing some money, but many are making money in Europe. Owners are just losing money every day. I can understand the NHL's frustration but it really makes them look like rookies. All this nonsense about the package deal and negotiating with themselves...they have only make concessions because their initial deal was so far off from reality and so far off from what they expected, it's not surprising it's taking as long as it has for the two sides to get closer. I think there will be a season, starting in January, once the NHL figures out a good negotiation tactic that can deal with Don Fehr. They need a deal, for credibility and financial purposes, and they're only going to get it through more negotiation. But they have had no sense of urgency (until now).
  5. Glad my family did a beach house on LBI this summer, something we've been talking about for years. Don't know when the next time it'll be a real option...
  6. Hi all--I am feeling hockey separation anxiety, and though I can only hope the lockout will end sooner than later, I am going to at least quench it with a trip to Albany on Friday to see the Devils take on the Crunch. I had a quick question about the games. Does anyone have any experience getting autographs from the players after the games? For example, where to wait, when to wait, etc. I just bought an Adam Henrique jersey over the summer and would love to get it signed by him. Of course I'd prefer to have it signed a little more officially, I'd prefer not to pass up the opportunity while he's still a little more accessible in the AHL. Thanks so much! If anyone has any insight I really appreciate it. And if you're at the game I'll be the guy in the Henrique jersey!
  7. On a purely humorous note, having just spent a whole year in Europe...one thing they are not short of is unions and strikes.
  8. Ugh, this is so irritating...I just wish they could come to an agreement on that number. I think it's fair if the players number gets lower, but seriously, if the NHL thinks the players are going to take a salary rollback on contracts that both sides signed (some with very fresh ink), they're as delusional as the players are.
  9. ...I am from East Brunswick, and it's south of Piscataway and north of Cranbury, does this mean I get to say I'm from Central Jersey? But seriously, central Jersey exists between South Jersey and North Jersey.
  10. Good news, glad he isn't too hot-headed yet.
  11. I don't think it still would work, I got it via Zach Braff's twitter, I think they said it would only work 20 times, but it was IAMTHEBRAFF. I suppose you can give it a shot but I doubt it's still good.
  12. Bought one the other day, got 50% off any item coupon the other day via twitter. Got it for $10!
  13. <3 Wish I had thought of this one.
  14. According to his Twitter (https://twitter.com/alexcarrier12), which will likely go bye-bye, looks like an AHL deal. Could use a RW in the pipeline.
  15. This is a spectacular thread, just wanna say.
  16. I'll start to feel better if we sign Semin or get someone for our top 6, but I'm actually pretty confident that Josefson or Tedenby might be ready to make an impact this year. I'm glad Lou has been draft forwards because we need youth up front. I'm really hoping we don't re-sign Petr Sykora. Love the guy, but it'd be pretty rough to have another 36+ year old up front. And depending on how well Elias/Zubrus age we could need help sooner rather than later.
  17. Great deal (at least in the short term).
  18. DevilNurn

    CBA Talks

    Looks like the NHL isn't a fan of the Parise/Suter deals, frankly I'd be inclined to agree. I mean, not quite to 10 years before UFA and max 5 year contract, but to the principles.
  19. What the hell is going on this offseason!? I can't believe how much this team is falling apart after the Cup run...
  20. Yeah that's the exact problem, you know you can't build a goaltending core through FA and the reason other goalies are being traded is because another team didn't want them to start for their team...so I don't want them to start for mine. Wedgewood is a good future option but can we rely on him to start in the NHL in 1-2 years? Not an envied position...
  21. I just wish that there were some sort of contingency plan with Brodeur...whether he comes back or not I'll be completely honest that a Brodeur/Hedberg tandem doesn't sound good for a year or worse yet for two. We'll see what happens...
  22. I really don't see any reason for this other than that he'll be fielding offers and he wants an agent there just to hear what he's worth. Then he reports back to Lou and says "Give me this much" and we're good. Though I really wonder what the contingency plan is if he retires/leaves.
  23. Guess this is what happens when half your AHL team goes up to the NHL and saves your asses during the playoffs.
  24. First of all, I don't blame tonight on the refs, although I do question what the hell happened when that linesman set up a pick on Volchenkov. But I am of the opinion that each coach should get one penalty challenge per game to review a call one way or the other. But that's just me.
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