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  1. Thanks Tri, because this team deserves every ounce of it. The Devils were tough as hell, tougher than almost any other team this spring. They were a hell of a team.
  2. Higher than expected. Let's go boys!
  3. Hardest working player on the team, one of the hardest working Devils ever. I'll never be happy to see him leave.
  4. DevilNurn

    Pick your poison

    Give us an extra game and make them celebrate away from their bandwagon celebrity fans.
  5. If you watched when the Devils had a puck and put it into an area where they were anticipating a player (this happened a lot, our puck carrying was bad), the Kings were ALWAYS there. They had the vision. And if they didn't beat us there they outmuscled whoever got there. It's why we stopped getting quality scoring chances after the first. All the scoring chances we got were from far out or with good defensive positioning. Their top line outproduced the crap out of our first line, especially when both were on the ice. And I would definitely call LA's play anything but undisciplined. I'm not saying the Devils should've been shut out, but it's not like the Kings stole this out from under us.
  6. Winning the two games in overtime was lucky, but this game was no mistake. The Kings absolutely flat out dominated tonight, played perfect D, perfect PK, perfect offense, anticipated our moves, and knockout goaltending. This was no mistake.
  7. Need a win, or at least some goals Wednesday. Kovy was terrible, offense was invisible, but most important: the Kings were perfect. Seriously. They beat us on every puck battle, they anticipated our movement, they had a great PK, they finished their opportunities and Quick was outstanding. And there it is. Maybe if we won games 1+2 it'd have been different tonight, but we didn't, so it isn't.
  8. That second goal...we're fvcked.
  9. Found myself and my family. Pretty cool!
  10. Saw a plane flying over Long Branch yesterday with a banner saying Devils Eastern Conference Champs #JoinTheSwarm. Awesome!
  11. Same. I was thinking Henrique earlier in the season before the playoffs started but with everything that's happened...
  12. Just looked on ESPN, 7/10 picking Kings in the Final. Great news. I think it was 9/10 Rangers and 10/10 Flyers. Love playing from the underdog position, and clearly so does this team.
  13. Beautiful! The picture and the quote!
  14. Henrique is awesome! Kinda freaking me out that we're the same age.
  15. Ah okay didn't think of that, was just thinking of seeding.
  16. Is this the NHL's way of saying that the Kings are going to the finals? Because if it's Coyotes v. Devils then Coyotes have home ice advantage. Just pointing that out.
  17. I really hope they can score...I don't care who they have to take out of the lineup to do it.
  18. I'd say it was 80-20. Down low there were a lot of Ranger fans but up top there was max 20%. I'd say most of them were relatively reasonable (before the 3rd period obviously).
  19. I go to Syracuse so I've been to the original one a number of times, it's spectacular. Even saw a show on Food Network about their special rib preparation. I can't recommend them enough.
  20. Yes JP can talk all he wants about how great the Rangers are when while we're avoiding touching the Prince of Wales trophy next week!
  21. Can't wait to go to Dinosaur BBQ, I hope there's gonna be space!
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