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  1. So let me get this straight........this kid a "Huge Philadelphia Flyers fan"....but his "second" team is the Islanders.


    Also...the fact that his main reasoning for hating the Devils is BECAUSE the Islanders are his second team...I mean...I have nothing against the Islanders, I hate the Flyers much more than the Islanders.

  2. I only have a Gionta jersey but it's very possible I'll end up with another #14. Great kid, I hope he's a Devil for a long time.

  3. I was all but certain that after we squeaked by the Panthers that the Flyers would handle us, but it just shows that the Devils style just matched up better against Philly. The reason Philly beat Pittsburgh (who are a huge skill team) is because their physical play put them off their game and the Pens never recovered. Devils elevated their play and played above the garbage and played a great forecheck and scored more goals.

    Next round Devils will have to elevate their play even more, Rangers or Caps. It'll be about prevented chances like this round but also about taking quality shots on the goalies. Holtby/Lundqvist are miles better than Bryzgalov/Theodore/Clemmensen and it'll take a lot to get quality shots through either team's shot-blocking. It will be a challenge, but after this round, anything is possible.

  4. Looked like a hand injury for Zidlicky, hopefully nothing he can't play through/be over before the next round.

    I thought the Flyers were playing disgraceful hockey. It's like after they figured out they probably couldn't score they just gave up and tried to injure as many Devils as possible. I also think Zac Rinaldo should get the Raffi Torres treatment. What a piece of trash.

  5. It is insanely difficult to listen to him speak. Besides the fact that he is just backseat coaching the whole time, he only knows how to talk about what the team that's winning is doing right and the team that's losing is doing wrong. Great moment from game 1:

    Pierre: "The Flyers are outplaying the Devils in every way possible, defensively, offensively, and in goaltending."

    Doc: "And yet somehow the game is tied"

    Been getting in the habit of muting the game whenever he talks.

  6. Obviously it's very bad for us to lose Kovy, but considering his main contributions in the previous 8 games, we're mainly going to be missing minutes. The PP is going to be much worse (!). Going to be interesting to see how they respond...I don't envy DeBoer's position.

  7. After spending money this offseason on Janssen and Boulton, I don't think Lou had anything to do with it. That dated concept of a 4th line just won't work, especially in the playoffs. I really think DeBoer deserves some credit for showing what rolling 4 potential scoring lines can do, while keeping them defensively responsible. No way Lou would've constructed this roster during the offseason, keep in mind we only signed Bernier in January, and Carter was on waivers.

  8. No penalties (like Game 6 levels of penalties), strong forechecking at all times, and keeping pucks on the net. I think defense is important as always, but I really think that our struggle will be keeping up with the Flyers in terms of scoring, and the more we can do to score, the better off we'll be. I think if we expose Bryzgalov it will be easier and more reliable than hoping Marty/the D will always allow <2 per game.

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