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  1. This team would be miles better if it had a healthy Tallinder. He is so underrated around here.

    Getting him back would be HUGE. Between him and Zidlicky our PP and PK would improve a lot, as well as 5on5. He's also a big guy, and as we go further into the playoffs, especially against a team like Philly, we'll need as much physical play as we can muster.

    That being said, the D hasn't been bad, but he'd make it so much better.

  2. This, and the Panthers aren't going to get 15 shots again. He has to be much better.

    The way I see it at this point is that Hedberg probably has a better chance of winning this game than Brodeur (as would Clemmensen if he were on our team), simply because either would stop standard shots and let in ones that are truly spectacular. I think the Devils are simply better at scoring and at defense than the Panthers, so a standard goalie would do. Brodeur just is really good when he's stopping everything but the two last night were some weird anomalies that wouldn't go in if a goalie were just playing fine. Not like it makes a difference, it will be Brodeur of course.

  3. Huge game, huge win. Now it's a best of 1. The Devils can absolutely win it. They need to play solid defense again, tighten up in their own zone (here's looking at Peter Harrold), and keep scoring. Just get more and more pucks on net, Clemmensen or Theodore it doesn't make a difference. They can absolutely win. Second round would be so sweet!

  4. I was honestly feeling really awful about tonight's game but if Clemmensen's in I think we have a legitimate shot. We know how to beat him. If we stay out of the box and play well on D I think we can for sure push it to 7, maybe win!

  5. Seriously, I had to mute the game every time there was a stoppage and he was calling for the fans to "GET YOUR JERSEY ON" or "WAVE THOSE TOWELS". It was utterly embarassing, I thought the crowd was plenty loud at the right times, and quiet after we were scored on 4 times unanswered (can you really blame them!?). Kevin Clark/PR really needs to tone it down if the atmosphere is ever going to improve.

    If you want to get the crowd rocking you have to put in some NEW pump-up music that isn't the same they've been using since PruCenter opened in '07 or better yet back from CAA. It's that and the organ--they just quell the crowd. And at least a few years ago they had celebrities on the cam trying to rile up the crowd--that's better than Kevin Clark. But really it made the game brutal to watch, I can't imagine how much worse it would have been to be there live.

  6. I can't believe a few weeks ago during the regular season I said that the Penguins were going to be bar none the hardest team in the East to beat. They are so stacked with talent...

    ...But what can you say? The Flyers were built to beat them. They play hard defensively, they hit a lot, and they are explosive offensively on 3 lines. Since Fleury has been playing like garbage they've got nothing. Their stars don't know what to do. They look silly.

    And I mean even though it means the Flyers are going to win a series, I'm enjoying every minute of it.

  7. I watched way more CNBC those two weeks than the entire rest of my life combined, thanks to all of the curling coverage.

    I'm not even being ironic or a jackass, I LOVED watching curling.

    I love watching curling for the cute curling girls :D.

  8. I'm okay with the game last night, mostly because Pittsburgh is playing blistering offensive hockey and if they go into the playoffs like this, I don't think any team is going to be able to beat them.

  9. The one thing that Sean Avery did in his career that made me proud:

    Become such a complete douchebag that he was able to convince the rest of the hockey world what a scumbag organization the Rangers are. Happy trails.

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