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  1. God f*ck the Rangers.

    The Devils were just playing awful all night. Trying to pass between Henrique/Kovy/Zach when just putting it on net, Elias passing when he was all alone, bad defensive turnovers by Kovalchuk, just crappy all around offense. The D was pretty good but they just couldn't keep up the pace with the Rangers, who were dictating the game the entire time.

    It wouldn't be so annoying except the Rangers are successful on the exact model that the Devils had success with, and they've been drafting higher so they're finally starting to show it.

    Crappy time for the Devils to run into this one, now the losing streak is at 3.

    And I would have preferred to never have another game broadcast by Pierre Maguire. Like I really wanted to listen to him suck the next Ranger d*ck in line on the bench every time they touched the puck.

  2. I mean, people forget that Kovy said no to the contract in Atlanta, he definitely wasn't coming back after going UFA, so they basically got Bergfors, Cormier (who were both question marks), Oduya (solid defenseman, flipped him for picks now), and a 1st, all for 2 months of Kovalchuk that he would have spent there waiting to leave. I mean, yes, the Devils "won" in the sense that Kovalchuk long-term is better than Oduya and a pick long-term, but the Thrashers knew they wouldn't have Kovy long-term so it was all positive.

    It's also interesting to look back though and see that everything has basically gone away for the Thrashers/Jets, but selling Oduya is a good move for them IMO.

  3. NJ has been getting the bounces. Today it didn't happen. Larsson had an atrocious 3rd period - his misplays led directly to both goals by the Lightning. The puck bounces over shouldn't-ever-take-another-shift-for-the-Devils Janssen and leads to a breakaway. Kovalchuk was beast-moding for the final 3 minutes. Etc. etc. etc.

    This. Entirely.

    Would rather see Taormina than Larsson if it's still like this when playoffs roll around.

  4. What are you talking about?? He started Marty (who is red hot for christ's sake), so he can then start Moose Sunday against Tampa and have Marty back against the Rangers. He already said Marty would be playing most games but not back-to-backs. And jeez, was Moose really gonna get a win there?

    Not to mention, Marty let in a whopping two goals.

  5. I usually hate this excuse but Schneider just had their number tonight. He bailed out Vancouver's D on multiple occasions and despite a heavily favored shot count and a number of shots on goal, the Devils just couldn't get the tying goal in there. If they had the speed they had in the 3rd for the entire game, Vancouver wouldn't have gotten their two to start with. Either way, I don't think this is a bad loss by any stretch of the imagination, but it would have been a nice win.

    Also, Peter Harrold is really bad. Unfortunate we had him on in the last minute. Looking forward to any of Zidlicky/Larsson/Tallinder coming back.

  6. I don't think anything we gave up was of particular value, and I'm sure Minnesota wasn't going to pull the trigger without the 2nd round pick in there (hence the delay), but I think there's a chance it works out.

    Like most trades, Lou is going to either look like a genius or look awful, depending on if Zidlicky plays to his full potential while he's here. If he stays healthy and has chemistry, who knows? But if not, he'll look like another Havelid or something, except we have him for another year.

    Don't really care about the cap hit at all, we're so far under it doesn't matter.

  7. I just don't think there's any way Brown would end up a Devil. Anyone we trade has been relatively important in this run, and I don't think Brown is really that much of an improvement versus what we'd have to give up.

    And I wouldn't touch Henrique.


    *Sigh* He was our captain, we traded him, he found a team through free agency that wanted him. Those three things all point to no.

  8. Congrats to Marty and the Devils for dominating tonight. Not enough goals scored but a spectacularly played defensive game, despite a few turnovers in the second. Marty giving us a gem. Hopefully he didn't get too banged up on the crap by the Rangers.

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