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  1. i doubt anyone got the order. even if you think you have, unless its shipped, you probably wont get one. didnt this happen before, and the website contacted every buyer and say "sorry theres been a breach we cannot honor this price" or something?

    Yeah this happened on the board last year where the Puma online store allowed you to stack friends and family discount coupons so you could get 90% off regularly priced items...needless to say the orders didn't go through.

  2. I get re-branding as a concept but I don't really see why it's necessary for a niche channel like NHL Network...it seems like only NHL/hockey fans would watch NHL Network to begin with so I don't see the point of pouring money into it. Getting more on NBC or Versus would be my priority. But I guess they'll do what they do...but you can tell by the lack of variety of the commercials that they really lack sponsors...

  3. I wonder how the Flyers will do without him...I really hope this isn't a long term loss for them, he's really becoming one of the best two-way forwards in the game and I'd hate to see him regress or worse...And the Flyers have to really be hoping it's not long term because they gave up the #1 and #2 centers last year because of their belief in him...

  4. Wow, can't believe they were able to get rid of Fraser, that's a miracle move. Pelley has been milling about without a place for a while.

    I guess Foster fits as a 7th D-man, good while we're still missing Greene and Volchenkov but I don't really see how he fits into the long-term scheme of things...and I'm sensing based on Lou's history that he probably doesn't. Regardless, I'll take getting rid of Fraser as a good move.

  5. was there more to doc leaving he never does devils games on vs.

    anyway go devs yeah "sarcastic monotone

    how bout dems GIANTS

    lets go whatevils

    According to TG he's accepting his induction into the US Hockey Hall of Fame tonight...I feel like that's a pretty valid excuse, much as I'd like to hear him again.

  6. I've been a member here for a very long time. It used to be a nice place to go to talk Devils when the only other option was the NJ.com boards (what a train wreck that place was).

    I find myself coming here less and less - the discussion and news I used to look for here I get from Puck Daddy, TG's Blog and Twitter.

    I must say, the people who have nothing better to do than belittle, bitch and moan play a large role in me not being involved here.

    Agreed on all accounts. And as our voices get quieter because we're on other places on the internet...the voices of those arguing gets even louder and more noticeable.

    It's been nice going on the r/hockey and r/devils subreddits on reddit and getting discussion, but with self-moderation (aka upvoting/downvoting posts).

  7. I really this team should just alternate goalies and ride hot hands when there are shutouts and the like. The team has much less to do with the goalie they're playing in front of than they used to.

    Also I think it's worth nothing that the Devils as an organization haven't had to use a real backup that played more than 10 games in about 20 years (save for the Clemmensen/Weekes year), so it's understandable they're having trouble using one now.

  8. Well, this game worked out better than I thought it would twice...I stopped watching after the second because of how ugly it was (not to mention it was 3am here in Italy) but then I missed the awesome comeback...which they then almost gave up. Glad we got the two points somehow, pretty goals.

    Just wish we could do something about our D...

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