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  1. What's going on here? Anyone?

  2. Very cool. Check it out Vanessa Wuergler, Hansruedi Wuergler

  3. Hey stupid Comcast, how many times am I going to have to call before you fix the internet that you yourself said is "really bad" and has "20% packet loss and high ping/jitter" outside of the house?

  4. Anyone in California that can do me a huge favor? Requires some effort.

  5. I'll be at the Joe tonight! WoooO!

  6. I'll be at the Joe tonight! WoooO!

  7. Liles plays on the PP. Good pick up for fantasy.

  8. I am almost positive Volchenkov had some sort of concussion...

  9. Keep Eric Legrand in your thoughts please.

  10. [#CSTART-6] The IP.Chat room limit has been reached. You will not be able to join the chat room until some users first leave.

  11. Can't wait to join you all in chat and grace you with my good luck!

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