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  1. So, thanks to you guys I was craving a Taylor Ham sandwich. I found a place in the Detroit suburbs that happens to sell one. Place is called Jersey Bagel if anyone happens to live in Michigan. Anyways, I walk in and guess what? They ran out of "pork roll". I was pissed but I got a bacon egg and cheese instead. The bagels were good though. 

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  2. 13 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

    I googled Kaako to double check his age, and read on Wikipedia he is a Type 1 diabetic and has celiac disease. 

    Not that it would change my mind one way or the other, I just found it interesting.

    Max Domi also has type 1 diabetes. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Vic Rattlehead18 said:

    I feel like Zajac makes the Devils a worse team. Whenever he comes back from whatever injury we play worse. I feel this year when Boyle came in we went from being a super scoring team to a high level team, and now with zajac we are just a normal team. The chemistry at the beginning of the year was amazing. Too bad we couldn't trade Zajac instead of Henrique.

    Yea you obviously wouldn't be getting Vatanen back for a Zajac :lol:

  4. I use to stay in the past and make sure i watched the games. Now, i can sort of watch when I'm home or just follow on twitter or get scores.

    Just sort of passively watching the game is where I'm personally at. I usually watch Hockeystreams on my XboxOne in the top corner while playing Halo or Destiny or something rather than sit and watch a whole game. (Maybe that's just my terrible attention span)

    My family even cut down the amount of attended games due to just time and money and recent success

    and i agree with the rivalries. Playing the Rags/Flyers etc is always fun and i encourage friends to go and see them during those games, but if you're a casual fan, then it may not be exciting.


    I'm sure as the season progresses and things start to matter (whether thats playoffs which wont happen, or gunning for a high pick) a lot of us will come back and watch more intently.



    Kind of agree here. It's so easy for us to follow the games via twitter, apps, streams, etc... that it has become unnecessary to really sit down and watch. Doesn't mean we don't care or aren't interested, we just view the games in a format that does not require us to sit in front of a TV or go to a game. Especially this early in the season. The way we consume has really, really changed in the last 5 years. 

  5. Can we get these numbers for the first 2 periods only? That 6v5 had to have some adverse effects to those numbers.


    I don't know why he keeps posting those numbers, they don't mean much. Just look at 5v5 situations only. The best thing to do is go to the site and sort based on what you are interested in. A good overall indicator is the 5v5 though. 




    Shots: 21:22 NJ

    Corsi: 37:32 Chi



  6. Best game of the season!


    Shots: 33-28 Devils

    Fenwick: 48-47 Devils

    Corsi: 68-59 Flyers


    Just curious, why list all situation corsi and fenwick numbers? I think the even strength 5v5 situation corsi is a much cleaner way of comparing the team performances fairly.


    Even Strength 5v5 Corsi

    Phi: 51

    NJ: 47


    Also, interesting is the even strength 5v5 shots for

    Phi: 19

    NJ: 24


    This eliminates things like powerplays, pulled goalie situations, etc...

  7. You just know Lou is moving this pick, guys.


    Patrick Sharp or someone from Boston (Lucic?) are the ones that jump out at me.


    And I'll be furious if it happens.


    If that happens Lou should be instantly fired. Like walked out on the spot. This would be a terrible, terrible return for a 6th. 

  8. This whole trade deadline I've felt that Lou has been pretty rusty. A 3rd for Zids? A second and third for Jagr? I think more could have been gotten from bot those deals.


    I think the Jagr return is great. 2nd and 3rd for a 43 year old? That's fine. You can't expect much for Zid due to his NTC. Maybe that was the best offer that he would accept. I'm less concerned about those two but more worried that we couldn't dump more (Ryder, Havlat). I want more picks. 

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