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  1. Just picked up 2 tickets to each game up in the 200s :)


    Found my email in the spam folder. Thanks!

  2. Booker was on NPR today and discussed the matter a bit. As far as pulling back police presence he said there will be 6 less officers and Mulberry st. will no longer be shut down. He said this is something they had planned on doing for some time. Booker said he is not mad about the ruling of the arbitrators and understands that it is legal stuff that will work itself out. He is mad because apparently Mr. Vanderbeek made some promises back in 2004-2007 that he has not kept. However, I think it is important to note that those promises were made before the economic collapse which has hurt the Devils and undoubtedly Mr. Vanderbeek as well. It could just be the case that the organization and Jeff do not currently have the means to fulfill those promises. Below is the article which includes a link to the audio.


  3. I'm mostly satisfied with the team. I think some holes were filled with the signings but they still need a top 4 d-man. If Marty can get some freggin rest for a change there is no reason why this team can't do better then last year. Either way it should be an interesting season.

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