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    My thoughts exactly. Asham is one of those players that will bounce around his entire career.
  2. Bill Guerin/ Islanders
  3. I hope the home opener is on a weekend.
  4. "When we're all said it done, we won't be anywhere near the cap where we are now," he said. Sounds like more than one person will be getting moved.
  5. Only time will tell how the offseason transactions work out. Any one prediction is as good as another at this point. I do think Lou will make some kind of trade though.
  6. Thanks for everything Sarge!! You shall be missed. This one is also classic
  7. Drury is a good leader but Gomez never struck me as the leader type.
  8. safe to say jagr will not be back with them?
  9. Nice pick up by the Habs.
  10. Just announcing the new pick ups I hope. I highly doubt Sundin has come to any kind of a decision although Naslund is a possibility or maybe they came to terms with Jarg. O well we will find out soon.
  11. Just what they need some lazy underachievers but perhaps playing with crosby and malkin will help them out although i hope not.
  12. should see some old Rolston Jersey's and dare i say Holik Jersey's if people have not burned them or thrown them out lol.
  13. Rolston should def be on wing not center. Sutter will realize this i hope. how bout Elias Parise Rolston. Parise is a natural center anyway.
  14. probably jagr. I don't think they can afford to give away another bunch of draft picks.
  15. if Lou can clear some cap space why not throw him an offer sheet and see what happens.
  16. the Mullet never stops!
  17. Couldn't agree more. We have to go for it and do whatever it takes while we still have Marty.
  18. Trade Gionta and some d men.l
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