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  1. I voted number one -- because he has no choice. If he's asked flat out what he'll do if he can't improve defence he cannot say "No comment" what do you honestly expect? He can't give his team a vote of no confidence before the season even starts. If that's the best he can do - just simply not tell his team they suck - then so be it. And if Joe Schmoe message board surfer isn't buying that our D is such great shakes do you seriously think Lou thinks his fellow GMs will fall for some line? That's goofiness!

    Would you not be ashamed and embarrassed if Lou said "This defence is atrocious - but I can't shell out big buck to only marginally improve it" He IS saying that in a polite and subtle way - he offered these guys decent contracts so they don't feel like the dregs. It would be beyond irresponsible of him to knock the confidence out of his employees for nothing - to serve no purpose than to convince a few fans he;s not delusional. If you don't know that by now -- if you think he's gone senile or isn't focused on the team... what can I tell you ? Maybe it's not Lou who's delusional, eh?

    Well Said :clap2:

  2. Only time will tell how the offseason transactions work out. Any one prediction is as good as another at this point. I do think Lou will make some kind of trade though.

  3. Just a question, Do you really think LOU is going to shell out prob $6.5-7 million to sign RFA Jay B. from FL? We are not getting him.

    if Lou can clear some cap space why not throw him an offer sheet and see what happens.

  4. We will never have a player as good as Marty, we should do all we can while he is here to try to win it all.

    Couldn't agree more. We have to go for it and do whatever it takes while we still have Marty.

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