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  1. i hope Lou has a plan B.
  2. not horrible but not great either. let's see what else Lou does.
  3. zachattack9

    Aaron Asham

    Aaron who? beat me to it!!
  4. I'm all for bringing Rolston back! Good sh threat also. Put him and madden on the pk together and we should see some more sh goals which would be a nice bonus.
  5. How about a nice scott stevens sculpture!
  6. Agreed! I can't see the habs losing tonight on home ice but stranger things have happened.
  7. According to an article in the Bergen record today Lou said he wants to resign Pandolfo. Also they have signed Mike Swift. "The Devils reportedly have signed undrafted free agent center Mike Swift. The 5-foot-9, 165-pound Swift posted 38 goals and 110 points this season for the Niagara Ice Dogs of the Ontario League, where he was teammates with Devils' 2006 first-round pick Matt Corrente. Swift, 21, added nine goals and 18 points in 10 playoff games" Devils' GM says Pieces are There
  8. i wish i could afford to go to more games but i really like the Rock it is truly an awsome place and well deserved. I hope to buy season tickets eventually.
  9. I have a feeling that he has not fully recovered from surgery but i just don't know.
  10. ya jamie has been extremely disapointing makes me think he has not recoverred form the surgery or something.
  11. Hopefully Lou can use the quality cap space he will have to really improve this team during the off season. with that said i can't wait to see the rangers get knocked out in the next round.
  12. heard that a million times this year.
  13. Is Scott Stevens in the house? Get him in that locker room.
  14. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. As i just said LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! score a dam pp goal!!
  16. LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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