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  1. It can be done!! GO DEVILS!!!!!!
  2. As much as I like Brylin that 1.5m could be better spent imo. I'm sure Lou can offer him some other type of job such as a scout or something of that nature. With that said do you guys think his number should be retired?
  3. zachattack9


    I still think he plays to many games. I thought the point of getting weekes was so marty could play less. He is not getting any younger for goodness sakes.
  4. i agree the only person close to being a captain on this team is Madden.
  5. If i got a penny for every time Gionta has missed the net this year i would be a rich man.
  6. Ok mottau gets some redemption. SCOORREESS!!
  7. i quess the good news is they are only losing by one
  8. can we stop turning the puck over PLEASE!!!!!
  9. ELIAS IS A BEAST!! about dam time he woke up
  10. come on mattou you have to get down and take up the freaking passing lane and force the puck carrier to shoot. stupid mattou
  11. zachattack9


    Could not find a video of that but here is one that shows some fights from the swedish league first one features Oduya. Swedish league fights
  12. "He's an idiot," Penguins forward Gary Roberts said. Have to agree with gary lol
  13. LoL Great Blog! He talks about rupp cursing out mara on Vs. also lol. Anyone know if it is up on youtube?
  14. Should be unsportsmanlike conduct no doubt.
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