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  1. Ya that was BS trying to buy time because of the icing.
  2. Hit a ranger playres stick not brylins foot. ITs a Goal! There was no kicking motion anyway
  3. Hubris or hybris (Greek ὕβρις), according to its modern usage, is exaggerated self pride, arrogance or self-confidence (overbearing pride), often resulting in fatal retribution. Sounds good to me!
  4. ya thats actually a good idea and its cool they are buying transit tickest for some of the fans. still hate them however
  5. zachattack9


    Ya Zach should get more ice time.
  6. Ya greene out VV in. I would be really suprised if Greene stays in the lineup.
  7. Slip some Kool-Aid into his water bottle?
  8. First playoff game at the Rock!!!!!!!!!!!! GO DEVILS.
  9. I knew i had a ton of respect for Elias for a reason
  10. Not happy about blowing the 2 goal lead but at least they finally beat the rags so they have something to feel good about.
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