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  1. They have the briere save up on youtube o man was that a great save! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQYyi5wi15Y
  2. Congrats to Marty!! It was well deserved and what a phenominal save he made on briere to make the win that much more awsome. Time for a Marty Party
  3. i'm sure langs will be getting limited ice time his first few games back. He will be eased back into the lineup. I think he should be put back with parise and zajac.
  4. great win tonight lets hope they can get on a roll and put a nice winning streak together.
  5. i agree that jamie will be captain can't happen soon enough.
  6. zachattack9

    Barry Melrose

    ya they showed the clip from espn he said do not leave the rock with your wallet because once you leave the area is real awful i quess he was trying to say you will get mugged or something. Melrose is an idiot and apparently he is ignorant. They invited him to newark for a downtown tour haven't heard if he has accepted or not.
  7. even with white back our defense still looks pretty bad
  8. i like the idea of making over time 10 minutes instead of 5 if no one scores in 10 minutes then you go to the shootout.
  9. I live in Bergen county and i have no problem going to newark. I just wish i had time to go to more games.
  10. Awsome win tonight. Big time confidence booster. The team looked great. Give this arena some time as the word spreads that it really is not so bad going to newark to see a game. As people realize how nice it is more will come. It aslo helps if the devs start winning.
  11. +1 For lots of bathrooms and also the bathrooms not being over crowded during intermission like at CAA
  12. It was easier and better then i thought it would be. Taking the train even though i had to transfer in secaucus was great. Coming home we had rangers fans and devils fans coming back from the games getting on the trains in secaucus. Needless to say their was some yelling back and forth and a rangers suck chant on the train lol. Also getting onto a train platform and seeing tons of Devils fans is awsome.
  13. Brookbank scores the first goal on a slapshot from the point
  14. WoooHoo It is finally here!!!!. Win or Lose this will be a night to remember. I will get there around 4:30 can't wait!!!. LETS GO DEVILS start this new home off with a win!
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