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  1. hopefully it will stop raining by 4. it will be in the 70's so not so bad
  2. you can't blame Brodeur for this one he kept them in the game. The devils need to do this thing called score
  3. Marty looked focused and he played very well. Is it just me or does Paul Martin shoot like a girl?
  4. Parise nice choice! If i can save up some money to get one i will probably get the same.
  5. Bergen County Line from Rutherford probably the 4:05.
  6. I'll throw in a vote for the "Gomez Sucks" chant.
  7. SEC 118 Row 10 woohoo i can't wait!!!
  8. anyone know how early the doors open before the games?
  9. i'm still debating wheather i should drive or take the train. It may be really hectic the first few games until people become familiar with where they need to go. hmm
  10. We need white back. Just throw him out there. A one eyed colin white is still better then a two eyed rachunek
  11. What a spectacular arena we have possibly the best in the league now!! I am loving the cup holders now i have a place to put this
  12. http://devils.nhl.com/team/app/?service=pa...;galleryId=2777 All i can say is.
  13. How It's made is an awsome show i have been watching it for a while. I never saw the ice painting episode but i have seen the goalie pads, hockey sticks, and gloves ones.
  14. Anyone who did not get tickets for opening night may want to get there real early and start a line for those tickets or get on line.
  15. I do not know if someone has posted this already but here it is. http://devils.nhl.com/team/app/?service=pa...rticleid=340013 newjerseydevils.com
  16. WooHoo It looks so freakin awsome!!!! I can't wait!!!! great pics
  17. Ya he was a beast tonight. Seems like he has regained his confidence i hope he keeps playing well. Zajac was great also that line has good chemistry. They will get lots of ice time if they keep it up and rightfully so. Cheers
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