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  1. Big win for the devs and man was it close. Elias looked great. Getting a win should help boost Marty's confidence.
  2. they had mutiple tickets in the 65 dollar section when i looked. i was lucky enough to get 2. sorry for anyone who was not able to get tix
  3. I have been wacthing the show from day 1. when this new season started I was not sure how good it would be but it keeps getting better each episode. Mahone is really messed up lol.
  4. Please let there be tickets left friday morning . Otherwise stubhub here i come.
  5. o man as soon as I graduate from college and get a real job i am definelty becoming a season ticket holder. I can't wait. i just hope i can get the cheap seats lol.
  6. Hopefully sutter can light a fire under their a$$es and get them going especially the older players. I would be mad to if my team only showed up for 40 out of 60 minutes there is no excuse for it. Lou is going to build this team around sutter and what players work best with him instead of trying to find a coach that fits the players.
  7. They know what they need to work on. their 1st period play should improve. As far as elias he just needs to go back to the basics make things simple and work from there.
  8. woohoo!! back in the game. LETS GO DEVILS
  9. nice assist by rachunek to bad it was for the wrong team
  10. Oduya better not have any brain cramps today.
  11. Big test for the devs. Luckily my college is closed tommorow although i do have homework to do. LETS GO DEVILS
  12. ya if you wacht it closely you can see his elbow came up on the follow through. It was a very hard but clean hit.
  13. sorry derek but i think the rangers should have kept nylander and used the money they spent on gomez to add a bigger presence on the blue line. Nylander has played well for the caps so far and i always thought he had good chemistry with jagr and straka. However it is a long season we will see what happens.
  14. not 1 person picked Brodeur as top Goalie. O well marty will just have to prove them all wrong.
  15. if they do move it will mostly likely come down to KC, Winnipeg,or Hamilton.
  16. I think Pando would be a good choice. He is a veteran guy that everyone seems to respect and listen too. Also i do not think being captain would have a negative impact on his play. To bad goalies can not be captain.
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