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  1. he had the cup at the grasshopper in morristown on thursday just after lunchtime and let anyone that wanted, touch and raise it. still a class act.
  2. The entertainment at the arena is at an all time low. Sweaty fat guy dancing guy, did someone in the Devils management take the whole summer studying Rangers tapes and mold their own dancing larry. Dancing Larry is annoying at MSG..... embarrassing here. Guessing sweaty fat guy has now replaced NJ during media timeouts? Cheerleaders... there isn't even any entertainment value or "cherrleading" there. Do any of them look at each other and say maybe if we are going to do this, lets all do the same thing, everyone of them is dancing to a different beat. Want to look at half nude women go to Satin Dolls, don't take up media timeouts on the jumbotron when they can be displaying DEVILS. Contest MC woman........ is she alive? Does she have a pulse? Does anyone really need an index card as a teleprompter to announce a stick shuffle? Though maybe she would get better or be sent to Lowell after pre-season but she apparently is still here... Did Brett Favre's bikini girls make a wrong turn on the turnpike and end up at the Rock with ZACH ATTACH painted on their stomachs? Bunch of screaming girls everytime Zach came anywhere near them was I at a Hannah Montana concert tonight? Green Guy......WTF?
  3. Sweet, they put a picture of my son up today. "Dylan Poses with N.J. Back in October" Taken at the STH open house in October. http://devils.nhl.com/fanzone/devilslegion/main.htm
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