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  1. The issue really in all of this, as it compares to the hossa and luongo contracts, is essentially the devils signed hossa to a 7 year contract worth 7 million at the end. This has never been done before, and never will. the lunogo contracts and hossa contracts include 2-3 years of smaller payments, which is not uncommon for nhl players to sign.
  2. I personally feel that we have regressed. while i do not support what he did, i felt Sutter had this team playing with more emotion. we were rarely the better team in this series, which was not the case last year (and even the year before when we lost to the rangers, played well the majority of time). We need to get back to that relentless "try and stop us" forcheck we have seen in years past.
  3. Well we assume it was a fake story. It is hard to deny that he is in fact closer to his family, which was his claim all along. My feeling all along is that the Sutter family has been in hockey for a long time, and have respect for the game. Do you think they would risk tampering charges to coach together. I doubt it. But that is just my two cents. I still think he is a good coach, and did great things for a team that was not expected to do much. Hey, he had a better record last year than lemaire has so far, and one minus the MVP.
  4. i dont understand why devils fan still care. have we not moved on. Are we not "so much happier with Lemaire". I'm almost getting a sense of bitterness that he left, as a opposed to the "happiness" people claim. At the end of the day, his flames only have 6 less points then us, in arguably a tougher conference, doesn't sound as bad to me. I didn't hate him while he was here, and i believe he was honest when he left that it was due to family reasons. The best way to show you dont care is to pay no attention, yet these sutter threads keep popping up, kinda makes you wonder....
  5. http://www.maxhockey.com/Fischler/Fischler_071009.php All of our feelings aside on the sutter thing (which somehow wont go away), this article is a bit rediculous.
  6. honestly, what would you like him to say. from what i could see, they had the matchup, and it took a miracle play by gleason to keep the play alive for the first goal. it was 2 fortunate bounces in the last minute and a half. i mean u can criticize sutter for a lot of things, but to be "disappointed" in how he handled the portgame, give your head a shake. do you think you would be able to stand up and tell people exactly what went down only 15 minutes after it happened and do so in a composed manner, even though you had little control over what happened. they had the matchups, it was lite
  7. What good would getting mad do. we were all in shock, he suddenly isnt allowed to be. I will say this, anybody who thinks he is not intense needs to hold their head under water for an extended period of time. the guy is known in Canada for being one of the most intense people in the game. I guarantee if a camera was on him the WHOLE game, you would see more than the smirk they show right before a whistle (by which time he's probably already done his chirping)
  8. so how is that sutters fault. from my standpoint, he squeezed as much juice out of the orange as he could. the group just isnt that talented. this is ALL lou
  9. firecenter

    Mactavish Out

    No longer the oilers coach. as per tsn, sportnet, nhl.com/oilers
  10. firecenter

    Look at Stubhub!

    Sorry, i thought we were referring to the record breaking night.
  11. as per a fellow on HF, towels will be handed out. no word on the color of said towels
  12. firecenter

    Look at Stubhub!

    Well that game was sold out 2-3 days i advance and rightfully so (weekend, major milestone, good opponent). I still the think its gonna be a decent crowd and even possibly sell out ticket wise, but it will not be until just before game time. Stubhub has sold about 80 tickets since late afternoon yesterday, with 200 or so left, whihc is more than the tickets left for mos other teams. Like some other person said, it wouldnt suprise me if the devils were using this service to sell tickets, as the flyers have almost 1000 tickets on there for game 3, and i highly doubt Stubhub would be able to g
  13. firecenter

    Look at Stubhub!

    8 sold off of stubhub in the last 45min. maybe they will sell. and for the record. 1100 tickets on stubhub for first flyers home game. what the hell
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