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  1. TSN usually has good articles but this text was a disappointment. Not much insight there or giving thought for the issues of the forthcoming summer. Departing with Gionta and/or Madden, trying to lure in a high-profile d-man? To fill in the blanks from within or to hire temporary labour force like Asham and H
  2. This is a good thing for Anssi since in Atlanta he doesn
  3. dali

    Playing Lou

    Hmmm... I always thought that I
  4. dali

    Playing Lou

    First to put it short; the three most important tasks during the summer are (stating the obvious): 1) Re-sign Zajac and Oduya 2) strengthen defense 3) Promote new faces, first and foremost Corrente and Bergfors 4) look at a center for 2nd/3rd line, if possible Here
  5. Maybe he should be traded in the offseason. Or is a buyout an option?
  6. Jay Leach is my pick. Yes, he can play the body but that
  7. Call me a good riddance poster or whatever for saying this, but I
  8. It is a big jump to play a full NHL-season for the first time, especially with no pro experience. Remember how it went with Oduya, for example, as he played well the first half, then pretty much was done in February and his play collapsed as he couldn
  9. Leafs are probably out, unless there
  10. Quoting sideshow Mel from the Simpsons: Hey, look, it's Internet buffoon, Єklund (2.3% accurate) (2.3% accurate)! This makes me, in a way, hoping that summer was already over and preseason at hand. So there
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