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  1. Living amongst Rangers fans, as we all do, is not always easy. A few weeks ago I was introduced to a guy and this is how the conversation went.. Him: Girls dont know anything about hockey. And what team do you like? Me: Devils. Him: Yea, being a girl AND a Devils fan you dont know anything At this point I had to laugh because I know more hockey stats than most guys I know, but I just let him ramble. Later on... Him: Thanks for letting go of Gomez he's one of our best players Me: Oh really? Then I guess the Canadiens are happy considering he doesnt play for the Rags anymore Him: WHAT when did that happen? and then heres the best Him: You have to admit getting Gretzky was one of the best things they did Me: What did he do for the Rangers? Him: ARE YOU KIDDING? Me: Not at all, so tell me. Him: Ummm a Stanley Cup Me: You know he wasnt on the team in 1994, right? That was all Messier He made me wiki it on my phone to prove to him that I wasnt kidding. But again, he's right- females, especially Devils fans, dont know anything about hockey AND TODAY i was talking to a guy in class.. Him: Marty isnt even good anymore. Especially for 8million, they could just put Clemmensen in Me: 1. Marty doesnt make anywhere near 8mill and Henrik makes 2mill more than him. 2. I dont think the Panthers would go for that idea He didnt believe me that Marty didnt make $8 and that Henrik makes more.
  2. THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE Lets Go Devils- New Series Begins NOW
  3. Everyone is blaming the defense, but what is marty there for? to stop the puck when the defense doesn't and he hasnt been doing the best job. When your team is only going to score 1,2 goals, you need to make sure the other team isnt putting in more. im not saying get rid of Marty, but dont place the blame on everyone EXCEPT Marty. He's getting paid to be the last line of defense, just as Marty cant stop every puck, neither can the defense..where the medium
  4. That sucks..but i never would have sat there for longer than an hour, you had other options. I understand it was your sons birthday but if my Dad took me for a hot dog at the game i would have been in my glory!
  5. Poor Clarkson will be a healthy scratch is Asham comes back. He wont even get to mess with Avery
  6. Oh man i'm so pumped for this game its like opening night all over again. Marty looking for 500 Gomez making his first appearance to NJ Avery being a sh!t head I have a feeling its going to be brutal int he stand though. I dont know if any of you use Facebook, but there is a Devils fan application and every game day there is "Game day Central" which is basically a message board seen by only those with Devils fan app and Rangers fan app (because its the next game obvi) and its just everyone ripping everyone apart. Its actually too frusterating to even look at especially with all the Rags fans saying "I cant wait for our home game tonight" (a$$holes). Theres also a Devils Dynasty application which is like Devils vs Rangers and shows how many people have the application. They have over 1700 we have barely 400 hahah anyway, im rambling.... LETS GO BOYS!!!
  7. I dont get it, how is that the real pic because you cant even see his face
  8. WOOHOOO LETS GO DEVILS!!!! Ill be in section 3,if you wanna buy me a beer! haha
  9. But did we expect anything more from the NHL?
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