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  1. ....another year, another fantasy football draft timed to near PERFECTION :)

    1. aylbert


      Except 3 weren't able to set their rosters yet. it really should finish a day or two before to give a reasonable time to set.

    2. CRASHER


      All ANYONE had to do was PM me and say "hey in case I'm not around can you add Saint X or Packer Y to my team when the league starts?" If that's really too difficult for someone who's been in this league every year and KNOWS we go to the last day I find it hard to feel bad for them....

  2. ...who knew a healthy walk in the park could stir up such stupidity? Only me :P

    1. CRASHER


      My goaltending performances in the last six months will strongly disagree with that :D

    2. pattyelias


      sorry crasher. i met you a couple times at games and just thought it was funny that you were the first person i recognized after moving back to nj.

    3. CRASHER


      It was funny....it's more the typical NJDevs drama that ensued that was a lil weird...

  3. it's NJDevs ARMAGEDDON!!! And it's not even November yet.... get yo popcorn ready!!!!

  4. disregard baseball, acquire South Park!

  5. ...wow freaking out about a PRE-SEASON game in an 82 game NHL sechedule... I bet they blamed the loss on the board crashing too :P

  6. doesn't know how we can possibly draft two players and hit the start league button in 4 hours... OMG!!!!!!

  7. PMs are not working... you're up in the draft selection, please pick your spot and player if you choose #3, thank you :)

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