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  1. ....wow, I thought the whiny cranky ten year olds didnt come home 'till tomorrow night.... But speaking of twins: Twin picks!! Brian takes Pat Mahomet and Laflamme takes WR Corey Davis (nice of them to tell me as I'm leaving for my jobs, which added yet more delay, which is still a non-issue anyway) Moving right along!!!!!
  2. Laflamme wants and takes RB: Jamaal Williams
  3. sh!t..... this is rare.... I'm struggling to find someone ..... the hell with it....go again for the big upside ..... sorry 'bout yo' damnnnn LUCK (yes I'm taking said QB.... move along .... )
  4. Well you guysssss were complaining that we were going sssssssslow
  5. Bridgewater traded to the Saints for undisclosed picks (as I was leaving the car they broke the trade news on Sirius ) ....interesting trade on both sides, I'm fascinated about this being a possible reason to move on from Brees next year from a Saints perspective, but it tells you what the Jets think of the QB room now
  6. 2:33pm.... I think.... least according to the clock, though I see @Henriqued in the "active users" list now.......
  7. FYI, the auto-picks are Josh Gordon and Corey Davis..... IF it comes to that....
  8. My next floor hockey season starts next Thursday..... Story checks out!
  9. LCB finally puts down the damn croissants and takes QB: Drew Brees
  10. When in Rome..... eat the Italian Food (and get your damn pick out of the way since I have a super-busy day lined up) TE: Greg Olsen ....this time with BOTH feet please......
  11. Irrelevant, the draft clock stops on weekends
  12. whoaaa .... good timing as I was just leaving for hockey Laflamme takes Russel Wilson
  13. If the dude can catch passes from Jay Cutler....he can catch passes from ANYONE Jarvis Landry (WR-Cle) I have officially popped the Cleveland Cherry!!!
  14. ....says the guy who's won the league less times than I.....
  15. Always good to have a stretch and reach after some cardio ....way to go!!!
  16. 24 minutes and no pick?? Hrrmmm.... I smell a forum double-standard ........
  17. Nope, I don't even bring my phone with me when I do it ... #priorities
  18. 2 jobs,a 6 mile walk and a hockey game.... all were much more important, you missed my "free time window" by like 45 minutes ...oh well..... I guess I should just do this and go for some massive upside: TY Hilton (WR)
  19. PICKS AHOY!!!! Laflamme goes: WR: Davante Adams Brian flips him off, then takes Doug Baldwin Laflamme then complains about signing in here and takes WR: Tyreek Hill
  20. I'm more annoyed about Mixon, there's no defendable stance for wasting high picks on QB's in any form of fantasy football draft now But since we're living in the past.... might as well whip out an OLD GEM..... the M A N T A B L O C K RB: Alex Collins
  21. Apparently Sanborn is having a laughter-induced seizure after seeing a QB taken about four rounds too early So he had to text me his pick..... the Phenomenal ... A....J ...... Green!!!!
  22. that requires cell phone numbers....I was more curious if this actually notified people of tags like discord does
  23. Does tagging people actually help?? Let us know! @Henriqued!!
  24. ROUND TWO!!! BEGIN!!!! Look how we're flying now!
  25. well.....I can knock HIM off all my draft boards now..... wow.....
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