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  1. It's the NHL, that league became dead to me when they turned to a bullsh!t roller hockey gimmick for overtimes I find it MUCH more worth my time to invest my energy in the 3-5 leagues I actually play in your definition of "fantasy hockey" is an above .500 Sabres season I guess Hassssssssan is pisssssssssed now (I had to!)
  2. ...so, anyone else get annoyed when they see "new post" in this forum and then realize it's for the damn hockey pre-pre-pre-draft?
  3. The way he drafts QB's this might actually happen ..... Say something funny @aylbert ....or better yet, just pick someone
  4. sh!tttt ..... dammit...... frakking A ..... oh well, what's the worst that can happen..... I ruin the giants season?? OK ... I'm good with that No not HIM....the other one: RB: S. Barkley
  5. We weren't supposed to start 'till tomorrow, so we're two picks ahead
  6. Obvious pick is still obvious: Laflamme takes Le Bell du Pittsburgh
  7. Yes Hassssssssssan Laflamme is in the land of the croissant now too and considering the Steelers gonna run him into the ground since he's gone after this year, it's a very much no-brainer .......
  8. Obvious pick IS obvious, and Brian does such obviousness in taking RB: Todd Gurley first overall ....now we wait on California.....
  9. moving this up for clarity and jumping into yahoo to hit the "start draft" button
  10. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.wwe.com/videos/chris-jericho-reveals-himself-as-the-man-of-1-004-holds-nitro-march-30-1998&ved=2ahUKEwjJkO_2vv7cAhXG3YMKHatZDbkQtwIwAHoECAgQAQ&usg=AOvVaw2BMzyFbulnxbzb0lq5stPB Sanborn going through his list to decide on his keeper
  11. I lost a bunch of numbers when I "upgraded" from my old blackberry to the "android with a keyboard" they have now .... Looks like the NJDevs numbers were a chunk of those .... Oops
  12. Actually, I'm OK with passing him completely and letting everyone else pick the spots they want until he decides to check in, no sense in giving him a spot someone else might want.... I'm gonna text clown in a minute and see where he wants to pick and we can move on like that till masked takes his hands out of his pants
  13. Could someone get @Masked Fan's head out of the training porn and get him to pick a damn number and keeper already?
  14. Hold your breath @Masked Fan is on the board .....then @LOTCB ....here come the doozies!!!
  15. next draft spot is on @aylbert .... whoa....TAGS!!!!!!
  16. This is an easy choice (even though I like being more in the middle of the draft.... ) ..... I'll take #4 and obvious keeper is obvious.... I gots me a Kimura lock!!! We eagerly await the Purple Haze ........
  17. .....just a friendly reminder, American Outlaws is on the pre-clock ......
  18. Well now we move on to the pre-draft order and you can declare your keeper when you do as well.... yay.... pre-draftery!!! Outlaws is on the pre-clock! Brian: Picks 1st (keeps Kareem Hunt with 3rd rounder) Laflamme: Picks 2nd (keeps Jerick McKinnon with 15th rounder) Outlaws: Picks 12th (keeps Antonio Brown with 1st rounder) Revis: Picks 3rd (keeps Case Keenum with 15th rounder) Me: Picks 4th (keeps Alvin Kamara with 15th rounder) Manta: Picks 6th (keeps David Johnson with 1st rounder) Big Blue: Picks 5th (keeps Stefon Diggs with 9th rounder) Aylbert: Picks 7th (keeps Zeke with 2nd rounder) Masked: Picks 11th (keeps Julio Jones with 1st rounder) LOTCB: Picks 8th (keeps Christian Mccaffery with 3rd rounder) Red: Picks 10th (keeps Dashawn Waston with 15th rounder) Hasan: Picks 9th (keeps Zach Ertz with 8th rounder)
  19. Bless your purple heart Manta I'll post the draft order when I get home ....eventually .... You can declare your keepers now if you feel like it .....
  20. We do need to move this along and I'm gonna have to shut down the voting as of tomorrow (and remember.... commish breaks ties ) and yes I have "where do you want to pick from" order ready and queued but i want this done with first
  21. well the 2nd IR spot is official, and once Laflamme votes the waivers foolishness is kicked to the curb again .... Good times And the PPR change also looks to be down in flames!
  22. Probably this weekend, we still need the stragglers to check in, but I can roll the spots quick enough anyway
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