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  1. .....and Brian's dedication to his work, and torturing himself with Raw paid off in spades, I should try that next week for my money league playoff games
  2. Hard to blame a coach when your GM passes up on Wentz, Goff, Waston, Trubinsky, Mahomes, Prescott, Brissett and a cast of others to get Cody Kessler and that awful Keizer....
  3. so I see our "defending champ" totally blew it and missed the playoffs....hey Kevin Owens....any comment??
  4. been getting it all day too....it redirects you to a junkware type site....seems someone cracked the code of the Matrix here and is trying to spam y'all all over....if I had more customers on this site I'd be doing backflips about this
  5. True story had a semi-related argument with one of GF's nine year old's on Tuesday......trying to figure out what they want for dinner: "You guys want pizza?" "OHHH, CAN WE GET DOMINO'S" I glare with heat vision kinds of anger and go "No, Shay if I wanted to eat cardboard I'd go eat your mother's empty Mary Kay boxes" and gave no fraks about the meltdown
  6. FYI Jerry Jones owns 19 different Papa John's stores all over Texas....don't sell that short either.... If anything Goodell's primary function should be to reel in the owners and be their voice but a voice of moderation as well.....he's failed MISERABLY at that job....no previous commish had these issues and there's not that many new owners in the league during his reign of failure...... Correction....it's like a HUNDRED.....damn....no wonder he's pissed: http://www.foxbusiness.com/features/2017/11/09/papa-johns-urges-nfl-to-fix-ratings-decline-address-anthem-controversy.html
  7. Once a player is designated as "out" for the game you can stuff him on IR (for the week at least) we can discuss adding a second IR spot season's end (and again in June/July)
  8. I fully agree with this....maybe next year we add a 16th round? (or if possible a 2nd IR spot if they let you) I kinda like the 16th Round since it balances out the snaking thing
  9. the rule was if you picked a player up from waivers you could keep them, but for the cost of where the player was drafted (the Manning/Brady rule basically)....there was no reason someone couldn't take Waston (who was a last round keeper value), stuff him on IR and wait it out....the danger in this is that the odds are SOMEONE ELSE on your team will end up on IR and you'll need the slot **waves hi as Cook and Olsen are both on IR for me**
  10. .....when a Dallas Cowboys safety is about to out-score your opponent's QUARTERBACK....you might be having a good week
  11. Holy sh!t....write this day down....for the first time EVER the NHL actually handled a disastrous situation better than the NFL ever could (if Goodell has said this about 14 months ago this thing would have been kicked in the nuts)....the whole thing has reached South Park levels of "out of hand" now.....
  12. ....damn I thought this was gonna be some anti-Brodeur troll thread....what a disappointment!!!!!
  13. Could you imagine the uproar if NFL Owners had a "no tweet policy" for their players,Like Lou did ??? Holy sh!t that would be an epic meltdown for the AGES
  14. He's a moron who said something stupid, but when "one of their own" has to take a snippy comment from an athlete, Jesus they circle wagons and don't let it go.....it's VERY irritating, it's a dumb comment regardless of a male OR female reporter, I don't need be an NFL MVP to see when someone isn't playing like one, you can easily call Cam out for being a moron and not even bring the gender of the reporter into the story
  15. You don't give a damn if your kicker does his frakking job.... and yeah, the media will be all over Cam for being a moron, because the media loves NOTHING MORE than "standing up for their own" after all....I miss the days when sports reporters just did....ya know...SPORTS....
  16. yeah Odell's talents are not worth putting up with all the nonsense he does, I'd be LIVID if Jerry overpaid for him (I can't see many teams being willing to, and having the cap space for it, maybe San Fran if they get a QB next year, or Houston? you'd need a young QB locked into his rookie deal and I don't know if I'd want his garbage screwing with my young QB's mindset), it will be interesting to see if he goes free agent (not like the Giants have won a thing since he's been there either) it's amazing A-Rod's only been to one Super Bowl, that's totally on management around him
  17. if Ward REALLY wanted to he could come off the bench and do it.....but this whole damn thing could and should have been kicked in the nuts the second Kapernick did this for attention last year....now the whole damn thing is like an out of control South Park episode.....
  18. ....and at the same time for no real reason reduce the suspension on a known dirtbag like Burfect who deserves ZERO benefit of the doubt.....but that kinda stuff doesn't affect "public image"....oi
  19. .....about time the Fuhrer got called out for his witchhunts ......thank you one more time Jerry
  20. I'm shocked their cheap ass owner was willing to pay the rest of the contract and fire the dude....it's not his fault you're asking to throw rocks at armed men in riot gear and then blaming him when the rocks bounce off helplessly
  21. There was another obvious pick this week "whoever's playing the Colts" pick, I don't give a damn which Johnson is running the ball this week, the Colts are an unwatchable disaster
  22. If I was Luck this would be me now: It's embarrassing how they have screwed up this team around him......Buffalo may be too good to get a top QB in this draft but they have enough picks they could send something inviting Indy's way for Luck......
  23. Houston and Jacksonville say hi and ask you to hold their beer
  24. of all the years for Manta to NOT jump on his homeristic ways with defense
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