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  1. That poor laptop died for NOTHING It's ok Gurley will still be awful
  2. The Chiefs also seem to have a scary good offense and three guys who are damn near impossible to stop in Kelce, Hill and Hunt....good God that's a frightening triple threat.....
  3. I have NO idea why NE went for it after the measurement, and such a bad call too, I get trying to no huddle and sneak on in, but just take the 3 points, gave KC some needed life...
  4. the higher yahoo grades me the more I worry about my team, so I'm only mildly nervous here....they gave me a damn C last year..... #JustSayin
  5. I guess there is no other fitting way to end this draft....so masked has somewhere around four hours to make excuses that I won't listen to on why his starting line-up isn't set ......see y'all next year!!
  6. You have one QB and you take an injured kicker?
  7. Maybe Wendell Smallwood is in that pic (hint: he's a RB for the Eagles.....so probably not) now we just need a reveille on the croissant farm ......
  8. (you can blame the delay on the state of NJ being sh!t and me trying to help this poor 86 year old dude who's probably on his last legs get medical marijuana to make his last days more tolerable.....Jesus this state loves to make stuff difficult....)
  9. I always do, and like I said before, any players you are concerned about for tonight, PM/text/Facebook/whatever a half hour BEFORE kick off and I will be sure they are added!
  10. Dude we are so far ahead of schedule it hurts!!!! (no this isn't a stall tactic, I have two small jobs to deal with then I can properly process my sleeper choice of the century!!!)
  11. And for the LAST TIME......Sanborn takes RB-Marlon Mack (Ind)
  12. PLEASE test me on this so I can laugh at your forfeit loss
  13. the yahoo page can lick my salty unwashed nuts half hour before kickoff or you get NOTHING question me again and it becomes an hour.....
  14. If they hire Christie, they can call the show "Boomer and Bust" Funny, to me Boomer was the way more annoying person to me (but I think I liked Convict since he pissed off Boomer), but this is why I switched to satellite anyway, NY sports talk is terrible and only going to get worse
  15. Let me take this time to remind you again: Once the last pick is in and I hit "start season" (probably around this time tomorrow based on my work schedule) YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SETTING YOUR OWN DAMN TEAM, If you have a player in the Thursday Night game....GET HIM IN THE LINE-UP If you can not get him in the line-up YOU MUST TELL ME BEFORE THE GAME STARTS There will be no free passes....if you screw this up, you will be boned and I will not care.....so get your Brady's and Gronk's and Kelce's in, I will ignore any and all PM's going "it's not fair I didn't get a chance to set my line-up" my answer will be tough sh!t
  16. Laflamme takes best WR avail: Marvin Jones, Det I take Tyler Lockett WR-Sea I don't know what the hell y'all worry about
  17. bah, get it over with.....the Chiefs kicker I don't feel like spelling and am too lazy to copy/paste
  18. it also doesn't hurt that the odds on a holdout RB doing something stupid when he's not in full football shape is high.... anyway..... Brian takes the Giants D....because.....yahoo rankings......
  19. Since his NFL team will score about three points a game, time to do Herm proud and GET THAT MAN A KICKER!!! Sanborn takes Mason Crosby, K
  20. I left my phone in the car but I can assure you this is NOT the case maybe #35 is Hyde's handcuff
  21. See now with all this madness we go too fast.....time to settle down a little:
  23. here at Running Backs 'R Us....we LOVE our running backs!!!! So let's add one more to the stack: Jamaal Williams-GB
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