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  1. Doubling up on picks here: I take the Vikings D Laflamme from the land of the Croissant takes Zay Jones WR, Buf
  2. When in Rome.....and when in defense run.....why not pick the next media darlings post-hurricane?? Sanborn takes the Houston D (dammit, I almost called them the Oilers ) the king of nostalgia is probably going to take the Bears now thinking its 1986
  3. Now if Sanborn can get out of his coma, Hassan can put down the ventilator and put the panic button ice
  4. Prosise is fine, besides we're still waiting for the 12-hour long ceremony at MSG to end so mister nostalgia can make his damn pick anyway
  5. Anyone who leaves the Jets is destined to have their value skyrocket.....soooo Eric Decker, WR
  6. I was waiting for the LONG overdue PANICKKKKSSS post
  7. with two keepers this round as well least we should be able to zip along to round 11 as planned!!!
  8. I just wanna get my pick in before 2 and my Stabley Cap defense starts.....I am not optimistic
  9. False....it was NEVER good....but damn it was funny-bad Maybe this will cleanse the pallet??
  10. I don't like visual aides...but what'cha gonna DO....when THIS Hogan runs wild on YOU????
  11. ....the way Masked lives in the past like this I think the Ranger will have to retire his jersey at MSG this season out of respect to being THAT dedicated to his one-hit wonder past...... anyway, for those of us living in the present Brian takes: Adam Theilen WR
  12. the Manta has been alerted....this was much more fun when the Ravens had fantasy relevance and we could MANTAblock
  13. in an act of "reverse-homerism" Sanborn takes WR: Sammy Watkins
  14. BOOM!!! Here's a guy who drafts his OWN handcuff!!! so let's go piss him off another way QB: Andy Dalton
  15. That's a way to assure 16 combined games from your QB's.....I'd still take the under on that ......funny Jim Ursay just followed you on twitter....hrrmmmmmm
  16. Screw it....I need one of these..... QB: D. Carr
  17. So Brian must have needed a carrier pigeon to get the pic here from Nashville, but here it is!! RB, Darren Sproles
  18. hrrrmmmmm....so he gives everyone else sh!t to move along and then dragasses on us......hrrrrmmmmm
  19. This is what many a Justin Forsett owner thought last year too ...OH....before I forget....my money league draft next Wednesday is looking for 1-2 players to fill out the rosters....anyone around and willing to travel to Union, NJ next Wednesday and join in???
  20. I CAN FIX THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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