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  1. I don't care if you post 5 times a year if those posts actually add something to the discussion. You come off as such an asswipe; instead of actually adding to the conversation you tell us why we aren't worthy to be fans of the team, you tell us that we're overreacting, you tell us that we're doing something wrong. Your schtick got so, so goddamn old.

    Yeah, maybe I should try blasting everyone with rude expletives and name calling - all under the guise of "emotional".

    Read the damn post and the other 2 follow-ups - I'm appalled at these two facts:

    1. ) that a kid is pissing on a jersey - and its being tolerated here - I find that disrespectful and tactless

    2.) People can't seperate Parise the player from Parise the human being - as if he was some robot put here entirely for the entertainment of others.

    That's been the discussion - yet it always comes back to "calling out the fanbase".

    You got balls calling this site "our coffee table" - as if we didn't arrive here at the same time years ago and you were entitled to something that others might not be.

    Truth is, you are quick to come out and make things personal - and then hide behind "we".

    You're a smart kid at a great school with a great future in front of you (Which is as much as I know about you). But you don't know me or my life.

    I try to contribute by posting observations when the guys come here to LA and insightful posts - but this year has been tough, losing a parent, paying a mortgage, and getting diagnosed with cancer a week ago. So before you call someone out for "not contributing enough to the message board" realize that many of us are leading adult lives with their own challenges and we are real people behind these avatars.

  2. But still, ease the hell up. Don't come into this place once a month, kick your feet up on our coffee table, and tell us that we're all bad fans because a few of our fellow members are dopes.

    I never "Called out the fanbase, or told anyone the were bad fans". Its clearly referring to the extremes here. People see what they want to see. Read the original post:

    "He was skating with his grandkids after practice when the team was practicing in LA for the SCF. They seem to be between 5-8 years old.

    He's done SO much for us - he's earned the right to be a Grandpapa the way he sees fit.

    Is some disrespectful, spiteful, selfish loser here going to piss on his NJ memorabilia now and post pictures?"

    If I want to come here and post once a month, or once a year - what difference does it make. I swear some of you hold grudges on and on and on. I don't know what compels people to debate the poster instead of the content of the post.

    I usually don't feel the need as of late to join the discussions- but days of reading the Parise-hate, revisionist history, and the absurd pissing thread really compelled me to respond.

  3. I didn't trash you cause you have LA in your thread but you decided to take shots in this thread in which nobody said a bad thing about Larry. I trashed you cause you have taken numerous shots at this fan base over the years and there was no reason to do it in this thread yet again. Take the Parise sh!t to the 8 other threads about the same topic.

    Fair enough - wrong place.

    I was just hoping people weren't going to continue their anger-fest onto Larry.

  4. Is the same poster who always take shots at this fan base going to try to take a shot again when not a single bad thing was said about Larry in this thread? Oh wait, he already did. :rolleyes:

    Based on some of the posts lately this fanbase needs a few more shots at it. Read the threads on this site.

    There's a thread with a dude pissing on a Devils jersey - its is a disrespectful, ban-worthy, embarrassment to this site.

    I expect that from Rags and Flyers fans - not us. I understand the shock for a few days - but - Have we become a bunch of whiny spoiled children?

    Go ahead, trash me because it says "LA" in my profile - but I'm really surprised at a lot of folks here.

    A bunch of posters trying to read tea leaves into press quotes by Parise as to whether he was deceiving the fanbase, attempting to rewrite history with even the most eloquent of posts? They did it to Langs and they're going to do it to Parise. Master conspiracy? Bad Captain? This guy worked harder than anyone else on the ice every night - and every player said so! He was what drove this team.

    Can't we thank the guy for his contribution? Can't we repsect his hard work?

    I don't care what anyone here says - the most important thing at the end of the day is to be able to hug the people you love. That's what life is about - relationships. Zach wanted to be closer to that, for his future kids and family to be able to be together as a unit.

    I'll never criticize that. He's earned it - more than many many players. Wish him the best of success in MIN.

    Time served.

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  5. He was skating with his grandkids after practice when the team was practicing in LA for the SCF. They seem to be between 5-8 years old.

    He's done SO much for us - he's earned the right to be a Grandpapa the way he sees fit.

    Is some disrespectful, spiteful, selfish loser here going to piss on his NJ memorabilia now and post pictures? :rolleyes:

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  6. Some of you guys are talking about Zajac like he's Patrik Elias in his prime. Hell, he's not better than Elias right now.

    Some people think Patrick Elias is perennially stuck in 2006.

    The wake up call is going to be brutal when the guy's decline becomes sharper this season.

  7. So when does the parade of ex-Devils potential coaching suggestions kick off....





    Please Lou - someone from the outside with no ties to NJ!

  8. I'm not trying to go head-to-head with you. My last comment on this subject. You are obviously a very dedicated fan. Your track record shows it, and I believe I've pumped your tired sometime ago about how truly dedicated you are. But for all your posts calling other fans out for being spoiled, negative etc, it be nice if you popped in once in a while and were positive. Even if it just means one post in the "Congratulations" thread and such. This place is a little too negative most of the time. Anyway, that's the last of that.

    As for your comment about stability and being the anchor. The Devils will continue to do it by committee like you saw in the playoffs. Fayne, Greene, Tallinder, and Zidlicky can all easily handle 20+. I'm not sure why you are so worried about the defense. Yes, it isn't the most offensive, but damn it's a good group.

    My worry with the defense mainly comes if the the goalie tandem is one year older - and more susceptible to injury.

    It would be different if we had a Brodeur/young player combo.

  9. That's the issue. You crap on him when he is down but never came back to say you might have been wrong. You crap on the board for being spoiled fans who complain too much and are negative, yet you were AWOL the entire playoff run and never pump any tires of anyone on the team.

    As for your logic. You want them to pass on Parise to try and get Yandle by trading some other good forwards while we watch Elias decline, Clarkson obviously regress, etc. Doesn't make much sense at all. The Devils simply don't have what it takes to get Yandle anyway.

    It was a bad penalty kill. sh!t happens. The Devils were out of gas, and there were a few mistakes. Big deal. That penalty kill is fvcking irrelevant when it comes to any personnel decisions for this team moving forward.

    As for offense from the back end. Zidlicky is a gigantic upgrade over a full year. And others have said Larsson has some nice offensive instincts as well. No one is relying on some magic Salvador run, and that's why he is probably gone in just over a week. But those kind of magic runs happen to every team on a Cup run.

    Things like this are why I post less. Posters who want to go head to head about posting personalities rather than hockey issues.

    1. Has Greene been better - absolutely. He is miles different than AG 2008. I really didn't think he was going to be able to live up to that contract but so far he has. I really didn't think one was contractually obligated to "pump up the tires" of players they have at one time thought were liabilities but apparently this must be somewhere in the fine print here. My original post had nothing to do with Andy Greene but whatever.

    2. AWOL in the playoff run? Seriouslly, some folks (not all of you) have no idea what its like to be a fan of another team outside of the area. Not that those of us deserve any kind of award - but for many its a much different sports fan experience. I have a job, your local NJ games start mostly at 7pm for you - sometimes by the time I start watching a game after work its 9pm PST and 1am at its end. I watch every game. After this, I'm often too drained to jump into the GDT and add comment. This playoffs was a worldwind for me. The coinsidence of NJ vs. LA was amazing. I went to every LA game, I saw every Devils LA practice. I moved work commitments to catch the Devils players at the buses. I still haven't processed through the whole experience. You guys get to see the Devils EVERY WEEK - for me its once or twice a year - and I haven't seen a Devils playoff game in almost 10 years. We never get to meet them or have them sign anything - much less talk to them (Staples Center is locked down) .It was really big and also expensive. If I didn't have time at the of the day to come here and "pump some tire" (i.e. "You my boy Henrique!") I'm sorry.

    Now, with the personal issues out of the way.

    My primary concern is not having a guy that can lead the defense until AL is ready. That's a lot of pressure for him.

    With Volch's lessened minutes, and the possible departure of Salvador - who becomes that anchor, that stability?

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  10. Parise is a lynchpin. He's a superb play driver.

    Offense from the backend is a red herring. Keith Yandle is not very good, and was awful for Phoenix in the playoffs. Why is there so much talk about him moving? Because Phoenix is one of the smartest organizations in the NHL and they know they've got a player who's overpaid relative to what he brings AND overvalued by NHL teams at large. He's a perfect candidate to move.

    It would be nice if the Devils could get a top defender, but they can't. They have to wait for Adam Larsson to grow into being one. Until then, they have to keep their forward depth strong. No, the Devils aren't likely going back to the Cup Finals with or without Parise, but that isn't because the Devils have a flawed team, it's because it's really, really hard to go to the Cup Finals, no matter how good of a team you build.

    OK - I can buy in to everything except the Yandle evaluation.

    Yandle was a Norris defender last year and had a down year this playoffs. He's somewhere in between.

    But this is also why he's probably not paid like Chara, Weber, or Karlson.

  11. IF the goaltending situation does not change - the defense will be expected to pick up the slack.

    I worry about putting expectations on Larsson. Getting someone like Yandle would let him develop more naturally and on pace.

    Our offensive output ratio of help from the defense is extremely out of balance. It worries me.

  12. Ryan Suter is not signing with NJ. There is a good chance Zach Parise will. What are we giving up to get Yandle anyway? Keep in mind Phoenix isn't blowing their team up.

    And bringing up one 5-min penalty in game 6 of the finals to make any point is absolutely laughable. Calling this defense smoke-and-mirrors is also laughable. I'm surprised you didn't mention Greene by name here.

    Why is it laughable? What's the explanation?

    I've yet to hear one other than the validity of the call or non-call?

    Just tell me where the offense from the back end is coming from other than Zidlicky?

    As for Greene, I haven't typed his name in over a year - but why argue logic when you can simply - roll out the NJDEVs bias history right?

    I don't think we have anything we need to get Yandle done - but I also wouldn't have believe the Michalek or JVR trade returns the past few days either.

    I'd start the conversation with Zubrus/Tedenby/Josefson... (which won't get it done).

  13. You don't find this sentence a little odd considering they were a shanked open net shot by Fayne and a Kovalchuk shot off the crossbar away from winning the Cup? I guess you can say they overachieved in the playoffs, but no matter what roster you assemble you kind of need them to perform to their fullest potential to go all the way regardless.

    You have to be able to kill penalties at key moments. We need defensive depth.

    I think the NYR and LAK series alone proves how important offense from the back line is going to be against strong defensive teams.

    Its always been our weakness. Zids helps but is not enough.

  14. People are so worried about Parise.

    Was Parise the reason we let in 3 goals during a 5 min major in Game 6?

    Goaltending is still an issue going forward for this team - and the patch fix tenders are coming off the market day-by-day through trades and re-signs. So what's the immediate 3-year plan for that? Does management really believe that someone is ready in the pipe? OR do we push foolish forward with two 40 year old tenders again hoping that neither gets injured?

    Clearly, how important was offense from the back line in the playoffs this year? How lucky were we with Salvador with that?

    IMHO, we should be going after Suter or trading for Yandle (with anything not named Henrique, Larsson, Kovy) at all costs. I know we don't have the assets but we need to address this. We can't hold a lead to save a life unless MB is in the zone - how long is that going to last?

    I think some people are honestly fooled by this smoke-and-mirrors defense (bring out the stats). If the Goaltending is going to stay on the older side - the defense needs to significantly pick up the slack.

    Simply fielding the same team - or close to it - is not going to do it.

    I love him - but - Parise is not the lynchpin. He won't determine whether the ship sinks or floats.

  15. Would you rather be sittign here with Colin White on the roster and being owed 3 million? We lopped off 2 million and got him off the team. I dont see what you're complaining about. Its small potatoes. If we were still paying him 3, Id agree.

    I agree it was the right move - hell I wanted him off the team 2 years ago.

    I just find it amazing how some teams can move dead assets and still get something back.

    ... and yes I do understand the difference between Mick and White.

  16. Colin White hasnt done anything since he left. I dont think theres correlation there. We got him off the salary cap and that was a win I believe.

    I agree about Zach. Ive prepped for him to leave all year and I dont think hes worth 8 million a year. Kovy is a better player and we have Henrique.

    We are STILL paying Colin White this year - he didn't come off the cap.

    That's my point.

  17. Man, I must be really intoxicated, I didn't realize PIT drafted Shea Weber and Nick Lidstrom tonight!

    These guys haven't even played a game yet.

    Meanwhile we've been drafting D for years and our prospect pool is still rated as poor by many.

    Unbelievable Ray Shero takes a piss and its a brilliant move to add depth to the team. :blahblah:

  18. Sigh. I put "some other guy" in place of Douboutin since thats how virtually everyone is treating his inclusion in the deal. Again, I thought I was doing a favor by getting it up there and could fix that afterwards since its basically unimportant to the rest of the deal.

    ... but its not, if you've watching the draft and read the trade analysis you would know that he does play a part in the deal - he's not a nobody.

    At the end of the day - aren't we all better off - if posters try to get the deal accurate and link it to a credible source?

    It's not like its ALL THAT HARD to go to the Draft thread and discuss it there until the details are announced.

  19. Who cares - its like everything PIT does every year is fvcking magical.

    The year they signed Martin and Michalek every pundit and NHL "expert" made it sound as if they just built Rome - now they can't move these guys out fast enough.

    Happy for Staal - gets to play with his brother and into the spotlight - other than that - fvck 'em.

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