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  1. All I can say is one step closer to SC Final Games I can actually go to!
  2. Enough - mods - please wtf? What does this "theKorean" guy have to do to get shut down. Obvious troll here.
  3. Not even close - its just that many of the WC teams have no concept of adjustment.
  4. ... but he's a JERSEY GUY! Remember when this guy was he flavor of the week....
  5. He did but it was a chance to close out the 2cnd Rd - so it makes sense. Most other media sources are curious about possible concussion-like symptoms post game.
  6. ASTOUNDING VICTORY - not trying to bring anyone down but some curious thoughts from another angle. 1. Will we probably forfeit the Kovalchuk 1st RD pick this year - as its a bottom 4? 2. I guess the Zidlicky trade becomes a 2cnd RD pick now that we've made the ECF via the Trade condition. All worth it - IMHO - but curious as to what everyone elee thinks?
  7. I believe he has a concussion history, correct? Zidlicky is the SINGLE reason we are where we are - best acquisition by Lou in TEN years easy.
  8. Pete was just asked about the injury to defensman Marek Zidlicky saying "he has no report yet" Can folks post any info if the have any updates?
  9. I don't like the feel of this 3rd coming up. They've had plenty of opportunities to lay them out - but zero finish so far. PHI is going to throw everything including the kitchen sink this period - with zero fear of being on the PK the way our PP is looking. Hoping for the best....
  10. This is the best the Flyers have given NJ in a few games now.
  11. Credit to Pete Debo on this game - not getting phased - slowed the game down - minimized chances - very cerebral game. While PHI was buying into its own hype - Debo took it to them with the smarts.
  12. Still time on the clock folks Lets not ring this bell yet.
  13. When do we get to the ceremonial Zidlicky 3rd period puck-over-glass-clear?
  14. PHI will push back - stay patient NJ - play your tempo.
  15. Flyers now realizing that NBC is not just going to hand them Game 2 - they have to play for it. Lets hope they stay sleepy.
  16. If that was rookie Coots there would be an NBC fireworks display going off now.
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