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  1. IF FLA gets the tie goal that building is going to explode and their going to ride that energy to a win,
  2. Playing not to lose now instead of win 5:30 excruciating minutes - an eternity.
  3. I don't like our chances if these goes to OT - they need to exorcise this NJ GM7 curse.
  4. Did I just see a kitchen sink fly through the air?
  5. The unseen hand now flirting with both teams I see.
  6. Gotta get the killer instinct and put this one out of reach.... before the unseen hand shows up.
  7. Why do I feel without that 3rd goal that we cough up this one?
  8. I think the majority of this board would be more than happy with just getting to RD 2 with this team. Thats all I want to see - anything beyond that would be house $$$. Come on guys - stay focused!
  9. They are saying that FLA is going to throw everything including the kitchen sink at us.
  10. OK boys - just 20 minutes - that's it. Disciplined play, tight, and keep the foot on the gas.
  11. Just please take the 2 goal lead into the dressing room!
  12. Hey Colin - the local pronunciation is "Chelmsfed" - ask the locals - ha! Try the Dubliner in Lowell if you want a cool bar to hang at after hours.
  13. Good aggressive start - always good to take a lead into the room. Need to not have the typical NJ period 2 - stay focused guys!
  14. I simply disagree, was not my experience living there.
  15. You called out the city - I simply disagreed with your opinion. Is that not allowed ? You're basically calling a whole geographic group of people racists - that's a heavy charge to go unchecked - simply because a handful of folks on a message board think so and an article from a Harvard paper. How many of those folks actually lived there long enough to base an opinion. RE: "condescending" - You called me out "for not knowing about Google all the way out in LA", and then being "so blind from living there". I suppose if my screename was DevilTrenton - we wouldn't even be having this conversation? Again, a Google search brings up a lot of things - remember everyone is allowed to use the internet - not all of which is fact - people have differing opinions. My personal experience is that I've found far more prejudice in other places I lived than Boston. Again, I think if someone leveled this kind of charge (or something similar) against someplace in Jersey - folks here would be rightfully upset - and I would be more inclined to believe those who have spent some time in the place - rather than some online article (i.e. the NY Post is a great example of poorly-written, biased journalism that paints an inaccurate picture of what NJ Fans and NJ Hockey is all about). Regardless, this is not a day for an argument like this - lets agree to disagree and focus on common ground - lets beat those Panthers!
  16. No more than any other city. Did I ever encounter prejudice living in the area? - sure. Just like every other city I lived in such as Dallas, Middletown, Los Angeles, and others. There are always those people. You want to spread some sort of rumor based on some place you've never experienced 1st hand - sounds kind of silly to me. Live some where and get to know it before you judge it. Tell me what part of Boston? Or is it all the same to you? (He's Googling now folks) Southy? Jamaica Plains? Somerville? Roxbury? Malden? Cambridge? Back Bay? They are all different communities with varying demographics. But then again - what do I know - after all its in a Google article somewhere.... There's so much wrong with this blanket statement that I don't know where to begin.
  17. I'll do better than that - I lived there for 18 years - hows that? Type the words "jersey" and "forget about it" or "italian" in Google and what happens? Is everyone in NJ an Italian stereotype on a reality show? Get out and live someplace before your perceive to judge it. This flawed logic that the GOOGLE is some encyclopedic source of truth speaks volumes.
  18. That is an outright lie. IT has the same problems that any place in NJ or any other urban city has.
  19. How do you DOMINATE a game where you are home, on the brink of elimination in front of your fans, give up a lead, and can't even enter your own zone on the PP. Not my definition of "DOMINATION" regardless of 75 useless shots on goal. The 3rd period was what really was disheartening. I think that the shots count is VERY misleading. Can we talk quality scoring chances instead of random shots? Agree with you that many of the guys are absolutely gassed. Good news is Face-off #'s and possession #'s seemed to improve.
  20. Regarding some of us in the "Gloom and Doom" club - I think I speak for a few us in saying that its not necessarily Marty, or Kovy - but the general attitude or urgency and resilience that seems missing from this team at key moments and its leaders. You can see it - the frustration, the lack of focus, the scattered-element, all of this is what worries me - the mental game of this team. Particularly when they get scored on or give up a lead - I believe in Debo and Zach has mentioned this. Perhaps this victory was a necessary step in helping them overcome that.
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