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  1. 1. The Non-call in overtime. 2. Being 5 minutes from the end of a season and playing w/zero urgency 3. Zajac not suffering a serious injury 4. Squandering a PP w/5minutes left - horribly - flatfooted, static, and not even able to enter the zone. 5. We beat a FLA team without Garrison and no Theodore in net - lets not plan the parade yet. We did not play like a team on the brink of elimination in the 3rd - not until OT. They NEED DESPERATION.
  2. I happily and regretfully eat all my negative words tonight folks. But still, they got lucky, they have to play with that urgency through periods 2 and 3 in Game 7.
  3. WOW - UTTERLY SHOCKED!!!! :boogie: :boogie: :boogie: :boogie: :boogie: :boogie:
  4. Yeah, dominating - like being handed a PP with 5minutes left. The decisions they made on the PP were weak and undisciplined - plus not one body in front of the net - no feet moving. The shot total is based on everyone is shooting from anywhere - especially the D - but few quality shots.
  5. Well if they have to cough up this game - at least it will be in OT.
  6. IF they don't capitalize on this gift-wrapped PP - they deserve to lose.
  7. Zach Parise - you have 10 minutes to show the NHL why you should be considered a leader.
  8. If FLA scores first this team will turtle for sure.
  9. I'm sorry, as much as my NJ heart wants to see this turn out well, my brain is telling me a PP goal against in the 3rd, soft goal, or at best a gut-wrenching OT goal is where this thing is going. These guys just don't respond well to adversity - there's some bad ju-ju in their heads or something. FLA had zero expectations to live up - just getting to the dance was enough. All the pressure is on NJ - they were supposed to dominate, they thought they were better, and now they know they are 20 minutes from the most painful, embarassing loss since CAR Game 7. Trying to keep the faith here...
  10. Their confidence has been rocked - you can see it in their body language.
  11. There is a difference between hating your rival - and trying to profess that the league is doing everything to favor them. I lived in NY for many, many years - during the dead year as well- I haven't forgotten.
  12. Parise and Brodeur may be done anyway after tomorrow's game. I'm not trying to be condescending, its just the folks looking for every gremlin behind a net, board, or puck set by the league to propel NYR further into the spotlight - every NJ conspiracy. If they are good enough to win - they should win - same as any other team. I don't think they are, and I would HATE to see it, but a lot of their players play with more urgency than what I've seen from some of ours over the past few playoff seasons. If NJ can't get to RD 2 it will be of their own failure not some other franchise - they had the best matchup, a deep team that was on fire going in - but at some point you have to put it all together.
  13. And so what? they win the cup? Their first since 94 - it would suck but would some of you slit your wrists? I just don't get the preoccupation - it must be engrained since birth. If the league has an "conspiracy line ups" - surely it must be for its 2 most failing franchise PHX vs. FLA
  14. You people are really hilarious sometimes with what you think you see w/NYR...
  15. But in the end it will all be Ok - as long as OTT beats the Rags - because in the final analysis this board cares more about NYR losing than it does NJD winning.
  16. Fair enough Ok maybe that gaffe killed the momentum for the 3rd - but he also created momentum by stopping a lot of chances for 2 periods.
  17. I pity any of you that are going to pay good $$$ to watch another crushing series end in the Rock on Tues. A real statement would be an empty building on Tuesday - maybe the franchise would get the message.
  18. Absolutely wrong in every way. He kept us in a game for 2.33 periods against how many PP's? I'm no Brodeur apologist - but - People have such short term memories.
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