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  1. I don't think Giambi is a fine replacement at all. The Yankees paid WAYYYY too much for him. Got even less out of it in the postseason and lost a clubhouse leader, standup guy and proven playoff performer to boot. Way to reward the guy who worked hard for you and kept the series going last year with what I think will be my most memorable HR ever. It's tough being a Yankee fan in the buying spree times. The players I like have always... and will always be the talent they nurture (who then does deserve their money) Jeter, Williams, Soriano and the journeyman guys like Paulie and Tino. That's who keeps me around, not Jason freakin' Giambi.
  2. I can assure you that the Avs would kick everyone avs if this deal went down. It's like akin to getting Drury back. I don't see the Devils getting anything out of this (unless the ONLY objective is salary dump), and that's why I think it's either what the Avs WANT out of the deal or just a complete (N)Єverson fabrication. History leans toward the latter.
  3. I was the regular writer in Port Charlotte when many of the Rangers crop came through there. Pudge was sooooo young, then. It's so bizarre to hear stuff about him now. Going to Japan seems so wrong. It's amazing that no one wants to take the chance on him and that he's even considering that.
  4. And didn't this come after a report in one of the legit papers saying that the Devs absolutely don't want Hinote?
  5. I think he'll get a good reception. The fans on hand at the game are a lot more lenient than we tend to be here. Although that's not exactly right, cause I too would applaud his name in an announcement -- no matter what I think of the end of his tenure with us. But I'm generally like that for past Devils (there are only a handful that I would not applaud and would actually boo.)
  6. Fourth Period.com on home page again reporting the Devs-Avs rumor, quoting Neverson -- but I don't see that story at the Post site. Mark (N)Єverson reports in today's New York Post that New Jersey Devils GM Lou Lamoriello may be considering a deal of Patrik Elias, Mike Danton and a second-rounder to the Colorado Avalanche for Alex Tanguay, Martin Skoula and Dan Hinote. It is speculated however that Colorado GM Pierre Lacroix will wait to see how the current roster performs under new coach Tony Granato.
  7. I do think it's a cool thing. Let the guys have a break. Unfortunately the Yankees just cut loose one of my favorite guys, so it's not gonna be a good Christmas for him. (Guy mentioned in OT thread for anyone interested.)
  8. Crud, another one of my fave Yankees out. Last year I was on Yankee sabbatical as Tino moved on. I don't think I'll boycott this year, but I really did like Shane Spencer. I hope he goes somewhere good and not somewhere I hate.
  9. Nieuwy, I'm so glad you saw the end of the slump!!!! Tell your bf that I wanna hear the rest of that Schwab story since the answering machine didn't tell me much. (ps: have i mentioned how much i love that avatar?)
  10. devspage

    The Freeze Is On

    I'm kind of surprised that no teams made moves the last day before the freeze. Not really surprised that we didn't (except where it concerns the plummeting value of Danton), but I am kinda surprised that others haven't.
  11. Yep!!! That last line is my fave part of the post.
  12. Plus he's been injured every other day on every other body part. Sigh. I liked him as a Panther.
  13. The talk that goes on on this board is the same as the talk on any forum for any sport anywhere... Somewhere someone's grieving for Sarah Hughes' recent skating performances. ("Did she put on some weight?" "If only she hadn't two-footed that landing." "Can we trade her to Russia for Slutskaya?")
  14. devspage

    Adrian Foster?

    I believe we just saw a story recently that said he's undergoing another operation. They still believe in him and that he'll be able to play. A lot of people compare it to the early Sykie problems. Hopefully it'll work out that way in the long run. It feels bleak while you're going through it tho.
  15. Yes, very!! I love that kinda symmetry. I was given three Devils things at work by my Secret Santa yesterday -- a bear, a Madden card and a Stevens card. I'm afraid to move them off the shrine now (but I gotta give that card to my sis!
  16. I don't have as much a problem with this as the writer did. No one wants Patty's drought ended as much as me, and an empty-netter woulda been nice, but what I saw was a guy protecting the puck so that he didn't get burned on it, rather trying to end a skid with a meaningless goal. I appreciate it, I don't consider not getting a shot at an empty net when there were a couple Penguins around him to be a failing.
  17. http://www.northjersey.com/page.php?level_...33&page=6061624 By TOM GULITTI Staff Writer PITTSBURGH - Joe Nieuwendyk never raised his stick. In fact, he didn't celebrate at all when his goal drought finally came to an end in the first period of the Devils' 3-1 victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins on Thursday night at Mellon Arena. He claimed he smiled, but it must have been quick because it was hardly noticeable. What mattered most to Nieuwendyk was not that he finally scored a goal after going 20 games without one. It was that the Devils ended their three-game losing streak (one in overtime). "I was happy. Don't get me wrong," Nieuwendyk said. "I just hope that it's a sign of things to come and I build a little confidence off that. Hopefully, we can as a team with a big win tonight, too." Nieuwendyk also assisted on Oleg Tverdovsky's game-winner 4:04 into the second to notch his first two-point game of the season. Brian Gionta returned from a two-game layoff with a sprained right ankle to provide a much-needed spark and score his team's third goal. The three goals were a welcome relief for the Devils after being shut out, 3-0, by Ottawa on Wednesday night. That they came against the Penguins, who have lost 10 in a row (one in overtime) didn't seem to matter. Also notable was the effort of the Devils' checking line of Jay Pandolfo, John Madden, and Jamie Langenbrunner in holding Pittsburgh's Mario Lemieux, the league's leading scorer with 55 points, off the score sheet. Lemieux has not registered a point in three consecutive games. Martin Brodeur needed to make just 15 saves to post his 16th win of the season. "We played well tonight," Devils' coach Pat Burns said. "We skated well. Madden's line did a good job against Lemieux, and Marty made the big saves. Everybody played well." For the record, Nieuwendyk ended his goal drought 12:55 into the first period to tie the game at 1-1. He picked off a pass from Ville Nieminen at the top of the left circle, moved a couple of strides closer, and beat goaltender Jean-Sebastien Aubin between the pads with a slap shot, just his third goal of the season. That ended Nieuwendyk's drought at 43 shots on goal over 20 hours, 55 minutes, and 26 seconds of playing time. He last scored 36 seconds into the third period of a 5-1 win over Chicago on Nov. 2. And, coincidentally, he did it just in time to face his old team, the Dallas Stars, for the first time Saturday without that burden hanging over him. If he was relieved it was over, however, he didn't show it. "It wasn't a big deal," said rookie Christian Berglund, who played left wing on Nieuwendyk's line with Turner Stevenson on the right side. "It was just a matter of time." Nieuwendyk, 36 and headed for unrestricted free agency at season's end, entered the night with only 14 points in 29 games. As hard as he tried to stay positive, he admitted it wasn't easy. "I don't know if I didn't let it get to me," Nieuwendyk said. "You just keep plugging away. I'm a firm believer that good things will happen eventually. I struggle with confidence just like anybody." Not all the Devils' droughts ended. Patrik Elias failed to score for the 13th game in a row and had his frustration compounded by his failure to get off a shot when he had the puck on his stick and the Penguins had pulled Aubin for an extra skater in the final minute. The Devils' power play failed to score on three more chances Thursday and is 0-for-32 over the last 12 games. But enough breaks went the Devils' way that it didn't matter. On Tverdovsky's game-winner, Nieuwendyk was in position for the draw in the right circle, but Randy Robitaille was slow in lining up and did not meet the five-second limit, so linesman Ryan Galloway dropped the puck without him there. Nieuwendyk dropped it back to the point to Tverdovsky, who blasted it past Aubin for his third of the season.
  18. devspage

    Brian Gionta

    He does have the talent to develop into the unsung hero-Brylin type. Just has to learn to do what Brylin did and does. Get stronger on his feet so that when it comes to cycling the puck, he's not blown off if the defenseman sneezes. He's got all the energy and drive in the world. I'd be surprised if he DIDN'T do it.
  19. Observations on Triumph and Brylin's observations (aka people I tend to agree with): The game is a good of example of what Gionta gives us when he isn't being pressurized beyond belief. Some of that is his speed, but some of it is the Penguins' lackluster defense. He's very talented. He just has to make sure to work on the physicality angle. There is at least someone on the board who appreciates Olie and it's me. He's not perfect, but I think he has a lot of heart. His decision-making could be better, but really I appreciate what he brings to this team and I'm glad he's here. Back to the OT Sens game for a minute, that game was almost won. He heard Elias and passed to him, but if he shoots things looked pretty good for us. He tries hard and we'll get a lot of exciting wins with him in tow. (And no, I didn't like Mally. ) Nieuwy with Berglund was an idea of mine from the beginning of the season. I thought them with Elias would work pretty well. With Turner, I do think that's good as well. He works very hard and opens things up a bit for both of them. Decent. Hope they stay together more than one game so we can really look at it. I love Jimmy Mac, but I agree. Bicek is a good match for Elias and he'll probably learn a lot about where to be from skating with him. I'm not so sure I'm ready to let him go. This is a couple steps above Salomonsson. Of course, if there's a nice package in it for us, he's a good trade prospect. For now, I'm kinda intrigued. I don't see why the whole league doesn't play Mario like this. That's why I get so frustrated seeing him rack up so many points. He's an old man. He can be stopped. And he can be beaten on the other end.
  20. devspage

    A Suggestion

    I was so knocked out by Fed showed with Elias in the very few shifts they had together at the All-Star Game. I don't think we'll ever see it here... and now we don't even get to see it at the game, since they switched back to East-West, but I don't think I'll soon forget it.
  21. Yay!!!! Thanks!!! (Unless she winds up wanting them.)
  22. Yay, Devs!!! Nice job. Good for Nieuwy!! Nice work from Little G. And I did note the hair. Is it gonna be platinum again next?
  23. Well Rolston and Morrison grew as players. These are both guys who offer a Devils-like sensibility to the teams they are on now. Some might say that Morrison's benefiting greatly from Naslund and Bertuzzi. This is true to be sure... but when he's off that line it doesn't do quite as well -- only one goal per game sted of three And I understand the then-Rolston comparisons to Pando. But now, jeez. If Pando turned into the now-Rolston I'd be stunnedulated.
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