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  1. OLN/Versus TV contract and the glowing puck
  2. Work just sent me to Europe (kinda good, but crappy cause I miss a playoff game). I have 2 tickets for Game 2 section 132. I paid around $100 for the pair and they are $120 face. $75 takes them (I will give them to a poor friend as a last resort, so they won't be thrown away if necessary). You must pick them up on the Upper East Side in Manhattan (any time of day as they are left with a doorman) and either pay by cash in person or by paypal beforehand.
  3. Bump, I will trade for any 2 seats to a different game.
  4. I have 2 tickets to next Wednesday's (2/10) Devils v. Flyers game. These are good tickets, Section 131 Row 4. Face value of $56. I am looking to trade for a different game or sell. All reasonable offers welcomed. Must make exchange in Manhattan Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.
  5. Trade Gionta for a pick or d-man while his stock is slightly up, then we don't have to worry about sitting anyone. Have Shanahan play with people who can pass since (i hope) he knows how to put the puck in the net. Otherwise, I think Clarkson will be benched.
  6. At the Rock, what time do warm ups generally start and end? Taking my Grandpa to Friday's game and wanted to get there early to check them out. Thanks, Siko
  7. Are you kidding? Clemmer is not even close he can't even pass the puck up the ice. Brodeur is the best ever at handling the puck, they even had to change the rules of hockey because of his prowess. You know the trapezoid behind the goal? That is the Brodeur trapezoid.
  8. This is stupid. What is he thinking? Why change such a signature item? For a couple bucks, ridiculous.
  9. siko

    flex plans

    I agree this is stupid, however there are some people who would buy 40 tickets and then sell them to Rags fans on ebay. -Siko
  10. siko

    flex plans

    Alright, I just bought my flex plan online, so I guess they are now available
  11. siko

    flex plans

    I hope that they set aside tix for rags games for the flex plans. I thought that last year flex plans went on sale before individual tickets. I normally do all 4 rags games via flex. I hope that I didn't miss out.
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