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    What is FSN-NY2? Does anybody get this channel? I have RCN in NYC and whenever the devils are on FSN-NY2, it seems like I don't get the game.
  2. $15 for the Premium Pre-paid Parking for Friday, February 8, 2008 - 7pm - Anaheim Ducks Meet in midtown Manhattan any weekday for the exchange would be my preference. PM me.
  3. siko

    club seats food

    In the club seats, what time can you start eating food and what time do they stop serving food? I wanna pack down as much food as I possibly can, so I want to figure out my time window.
  4. siko

    Rangers Suck Chants

    Wouldn't it be 4 Cups in 26 years = Ranger Lifetime. Just to be fair. IMO, the Rangers suck chant should be done once per game, with every fan in on it. Anything more than that kills the cool chant. I am sick of every jerk that can sort of whistle trying to start it (sometimes one after another).
  5. Weekes should play tonight, we need to rest Marty. Weekes should (but probably won't) get in 10 games this season. This is a perfect opportunity. Go Devils!
  6. Does anyone else think that the "rangers suck" whistle was done excessively at Friday nights game? I think that it is a really cool thing to do once a period (unless we are playing the rags). I mean I hate the rangers as much as anyone, but doing it too much kills the cool chant. Any opinions?
  7. http://devils.nhl.com/tickets/4for44.htm damn, I wish I didn't already have tickets.
  8. Saw this on another board: Devils vs Bruins Dec. 5th $65 for $28 balcony seats http://www.njdevilsticketprograms.com code gonwk120507
  9. Another one: yh121507 December 15th, 2007 Against Phoenix $65 tickets for $28
  10. I am deciding between: Madden, Langenbrunner, or Parise Which one do you think and why?
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