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  1. It's confusing to me. One sentence says "Coupon valid only April 7, 2012.", then another sentence says, "Devils Den discount is on all regular priced merchandise only and expires on May 7, 2012." I didn't really inquire as to which date is correct, though, because nothing at the Den interested me at the time
  2. Lol, I saw this too, if I remember right, he guessed the Montreal Canadiens for the Saddledome
  3. I agree with what you say, and in particular I'd agree that it's common sense, except it doesn't appear all that common, unfortunately(at least from my limited experience, nor your experience from what you wrote). And in the interest of getting the thread back on track, I wish I could've heard the horn in person on Saturday. From what I understand they were gonna do the old horn last year too, but of course, we got shutout against the Caps that day
  4. Brilliance ^ (and on a side note, does it surprise you that another thread got derailed with the stupid "You Suck" debate? In the back of my head I considered jokingly asking for an over/under on when someone would mention it, but then I realized I didn't want to be the one to mention it first, of course, sure enough...)
  5. I love the old horn but it seems out of place in the new building. That said, I wouldn't mind trying to get used to it!
  6. And sometimes, even players who aren't French Canadian http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZOu5zpz9Zw&feature=fvst
  7. People watch commercials? Agreed 99%, excepting for the celebrity spokesperson ads they did with Michael Winslow, Peter Frampton and Don Lafontaine(there were other celebrities, but those were the ones I liked best), those were good. Add Progressive in there too. Hell, pretty much all insurance ads suck except for MetLife, you gotta love Snoopy
  8. I think the Odelinan pass was born more from this, sadly:
  9. I've noticed it hit or miss from the seating bowl, but it gets better once on the concourse, upper or lower. Which is good I guess, it gives me a reason to get out of my seat and walk around during intermission instead of sitting there, lol
  10. Bumping this almost a year later, since Doc will be calling tonight, and I wanted to share something that I didn't know(being not really into movies), but something that I'm sure some of the people here did know about one of Doc's famous phrases: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meanwhile,_back_at_the_ranch
  11. Gotcha, that does make sense, thanks!
  12. Can anyone confirm this or have the TG link(I could find the info on his blog, though I don't really go there anyway, so I could've missed it). Just don't wanna get there between 5 and 6 for warmups if they're gonna be after the ceremony
  13. Here is a commercial advertising the 2000-2001 one:
  14. If I'm not mistaken I think the entire league did these one year(Devils included), I wanna say 2000-2001
  15. I've was lucky enough to get to sit in one during the 1st season, and it was sweet. I think it's up to the box owner whether or not food is provided? I would agree with rpaq that chances are that food won't be provided. I don't really know what else can be offered in regards to tips, but if you want to get an idea of the view, I took some pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/81148513@N00/sets/72157604260852858/ Enjoy!
  16. I do agree with this And even this But not this. If you're gonna argue that we shouldn't chant you suck because we should be more focused on celebrating the goal and cheering the team on, then you can't justify saying we suck, even if we're losing by a certain amount. We need people to cheer for the team, not against it. Not happy with their performance? You don't have to stand up and cheer and clap, just sit. It baffles me that fans of our own team would do that. I can deal with booing if the outing is particularly bad, but as sensitive as some people seem to be over chanting that other teams suck, I'm definitely sensitive towards turning a happy occasion, such as a goal for us, negative by saying we suck, I don't care if we're losing 10-0 at the time of the goal. The simple solution to this all is: Don't like the "you suck", don't do it, just cheer and clap and do the "hey" portion. Don't like the "hey" song? Then cheer and clap and yell, easy as that.
  17. I'm sure I'm in the minority, but it's not big a deal to me. While I would watch the games in HD were they available, the amount that my enjoyment of the game is lessened by SD is minute
  18. I have been able to sneak my 80-400mm lens in, along with the contents of my school bag. Of course, maybe they will be stricter this year, who knows, and I don't know what the minimum is, but you definitely have a shot at getting your lens in, I would say.
  19. Just wanted to share a couple of videos with ya's. The first is one final look back at last season and the second is a Yanni video to hopefully get people pumped for this season! Hope ya's enjoy!
  20. If the question was favorite Devil to wear #8, it's Mike Peluso hands down. Or if it was the most important player to wear #8 for the Devils, again it'd be Pelsuo. But considering it's asking for the best player it probably has to be Zubrus or Larionov. If we're only considering their time as a Devil, than definitely Zubrus. If we're considering their career as a whole, then Larionov.
  21. Agreed, on both counts, with the exception that I think they should've worn the Burns patches for the rest of the season.
  22. I pretty much despise Twitter(no, my initials aren't "LL"), so I don't mind it one bit
  23. Touche. The occasional highlight on NHL on the Fly is enough for me, thanks.
  24. First off, I shouldn't have name called, I apologize for that. That said, even if it does downgrade, Floyd was a tropical storm also when it hit NJ, and left places massively flooded. It's been a rainy month already, so it would seem flooding becomes much more likely in that case. It would also seem that a saturated ground + high winds wold equal downed trees, which can be very damaging I guess my problem was semantics, you saying that it will just be a thunderstorm away from the coast. There's quite a difference between what we are forecasted to get and a thunderstorm. I'd just hate to see someone caught off guard thinking it's just a t-storm based on that. That's all, I'm no meteorologist either. I live a few towns away from Manville and Bound Book, who were badly flooded from Floyd. Hate to see it happen again. I guess I shouldn't worry, I should hope that those who live in such vulnerable areas, know that they are vulnerable, and have been following the news and will take whatever precaution they need to, should the situation arise. BTW, this seems like it's become that natural phenomenon thread(I hesitate to write disaster, the earthquake wasn't, and the storm isn't yet, lol)
  25. Lol, are you retarded? This isn't some late afternoon line of thunderstorms that'll be in and out in an hour. It's a friggin hurricane. I don't know about cows, but certainly wind damage to property should be no surprise the closer one is to the storm. If this things stays on track, it will NOT be pretty, especially if for those who live along the coast or LI. Definitely not something to take lightly
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