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  1. Lol, gotcha, thanks! Yeah, I have a feeling that the list is outdated also, as I've seen people with purses, an d I've brought a small duffel bag inside earlier this season. So I guess I will have to give a call tomorrow(unless someone happens to know by experiece, lol). Thanks!
  2. Hey, got an odd question, but someone might know the answer. Going to the game tomorrow, and I was thinking I could make my train ride productive by bringing my laptop to do some work on the ride to and from. Question is, would they allow me in the Rock with it? I don't see why it would be a problem necessarily, the biggest thing I'm worried about is someone behind me spilling food or drink on it, which is why I'd try and keep it on my lap, or on the seat next to me, if available. Any thoughts/experiences?
  3. This is my favorite thing you've said here, in particular the latter paragraph!
  4. I thought you might get at least one contributor, but oh well. Worth a shot, lol
  5. Ah, that sucks, I also had been wanting to get one if they still had them in the near future. Oh well
  6. River City Sports had in the past, not sure if they still do
  7. Basically yeah, lol. A weak attempt at humor by saying that with all the injuries and recalls from the minors, that it will be the Albany Devils playing against the Canucks on Monday, rather than the pro team.
  8. FYP, couldn't help it, lol. But, seriously, thanks for the updates
  9. ...Sidney Crosby, who has much experience in that region and field, as well as...
  10. If it has more than two members(Rob/Scott), I may get nauseous
  11. The closer this whole saga clips towards it, I may have to get a Kovy jersey if he signs on my birthday. Because it will easily be the biggest(and probably only) Devils happening to occur then. Us August birthday's don't usually get anything like that, lol
  12. And if that new library doesn't get built, the librarians there may be forced to move to Kansas City. You'd have to consider that also
  13. Is it possible to have one thread for all the polls, or can you not change polls within a thread?
  14. What's the difference between and autograph and an inscription?
  15. And just to rub it in a little more...On the NHL Network bottom line of the broadcast of Game 6 vs. DAL, the first thing they show is "FA LW's" with Kovy's name leading the way, lol
  16. Well, that's incorrect. Gordie Howe and Chris Chelios both played past 43. Unless the "currently" is meant to refer to active players. If so, that's kind of a strange way to put it. Just nitpicking, but still, lol As for penalties, it doesn't make sense to me how the Devils could get fined, considering they technically didn't have any recourse once the contract was rejected, per the CBA. It was the NHLPA that would have to file the protest, not the team. Obviously the Devils would be on the players' side, being in favor of the protest and having the rejection overturned. But, I dunno, just doesn't seem to add up, and hopefully the NHL will think so too. Unless I'm missing something(quite possible).
  17. All those tweets from the Google link show breaking news of ruling in League's favor
  18. I gotta say this has certainly been the most entertaining offseason, save for the Cup offseasons. Usually, it seems, hockey talk dies down a week or two into Free Agency. But here we are a month away from training camp and we still have things to follow, regardless of the arbitrator's decision. Love it!
  19. Just without the picture of Lebron now, right? But yeah, it looks great, I hope it happens
  20. Well, if it's Monday @ the latest, one could presume Friday @ the earliest, I would think
  21. Sure, all I really hate is the shirt tail cut of the bottom of the jersey, I think it looks terrible. But, to each his own opinion, of course, lol.
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