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  1. Never had a problem with River City or their customization, although it's been a few years since I've bought from them. However long it's been since they sold out their stock of pre-Eedge jerseys(refuse to get an Edge). So, take that for what it's worth, lol
  2. Lol, my bad, but it's my lasting memory of Lyle Odelein. That and Matthew Barnaby calling him Cornelius. And that we didn't win the Cup again til we shipped him to Phoenix for Deron Quint(who also found his way out of town quickly).
  3. Haven't played open hockey in years, used to play @ BSA and then later at Aspen Ice in Flemington
  4. Maybe he should change his name to halfsharkalligatorhalfmanoctopus
  5. Been meaning to post this, and now seems as good a time as any...
  6. This really made me LLOL(extra L for literally)
  7. Just out of curiosity, for those cap/CBA-ologists out there, a question. If Parise and the Devils were to agree to a new deal before his current deal is up, does the new deal(and associated cap hit) take over as soon as the deal is signed, or does the new deal only apply after the current one expires? I would hope/think it's the latter, but I don't know(obv).
  8. Maybe call it, "Решение" (The Decision in Russian, at least according to Google, of course) Winner
  9. The only thing I hope from all this is that, no matter where he ends up going, some details emerge about the process and why it unfolded the way it did. Not just from Kovy, but the teams(leagues?) involved also. I'm not saying we need an hour long special on Versus, but some blog posts, newspaper articles would be fine. Of course with the Devils that information may not come out, but I'm hoping, lol.
  10. Nah, but he/she's the man/woman for linking my tribute video in their sig. HF's the only of the three major Devils boards I don't have an account on(the other two being Devilrule and here, as far as I know).
  11. Ah, thought this thread got wiped away with the Heaven forum, but glad I found it. I already posted in the Game 1 GDT, because I didn't have the time to find this thread. But anyway, a Yanni video based on this season. Enjoy!
  12. First thing I thought of when I saw the title to this thread was: And his screen produced at least one more! I hate you. And that awful excuse for a "song" (ok, don't really hate you, just the song, lol.)
  13. Down to the wire, but here's a Yanni video for your viewing(and hopefully "pump upping") pleasure: cuba, I hope you didn't mind me linking to your video in my description. GO DEVILS!
  14. Thanks! You can tell it's from the beginning of the season when you see the Cory Murphy clip in there, lol. Working on a video for the playoffs as well. And another winner by you, cuba!
  15. 6PM? What the hell is that? 7:30, or even 7 I could catch the rest of the game, but 6, I'll be getting out of work when the game is ending, lol. Not a fan of this schedule. Won't be able to see any of the games, except 4 and 7(and hopefully it won't get that far unless we need it). Maybe can see some of Game 6 if it's not at fvcking 6 o'clock, lol.
  16. These Devils' related ones are awesome! Good going! I have a feeling we could do one based on the GTG against the Blackhawks too, "What if the puck never hit Mike Mottau?". Regardless of how our season ends. If we win the Cup, history could've been different if we'd won that game. If we don't win, well again, history could've been different if we had won, lol. Pardon my rambling, lol.
  17. Lol, love that clip. A podcast that I used to listen(and sorta still do), used the audio from that video often. Bring back good memories, if you can believe it, lol.
  18. Found the Dog Voices MySpace, though it seems that no one's logged in since July, lol. http://www.myspace.com/dogvoices Beat me to it, lol
  19. Upper body injury, day to day, no word on when he'll resume skating....(or is it talking?)
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