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  1. Give Daneyko time. He'll be just fine. Give him a chance to refine his game as an analyst. I'll bet that you'll see a big difference next year, when he has a chance to step back and reassess his work from this year. As far as the radio job, if it ever becomes avaiable, it's mine. I'll sleep on Lou's lawn if I have to, to get him to listen to my demo LOL
  2. Very sad news. I had the pleasure of doing play-by-play for a junior team that played at the arena and everyone with the Titans and the arena were fantastic to me. There is talk that either the USHL, NAHL or a new top junior league may try to get into the northeast with a few teams. Would be nice if Trenton gets a shot.
  3. Anyone who uses Sean Avery as inspiration to insult a player, has zero credibility. Just remember, without Brodeur, and a few others, this team moves to Nashville in 96 or somewhere else soon after. Embarrassing lack of respect for one of the game's greats. That being said, that was probably the worst hockey game I've been to in the past five years, and I've worked for the FHL. Neither team could string together more than a pass or two. Boston just happened to suck less.
  4. Davidson was like '87 Hextall or '03 Giguere. The only reason the Rangers got there was him. JD turned one amazing playoff run into a long career on TV.
  5. I was at the Titans game last night and Wedgewood looked very good. Coming in relief and, for some reason, not getting warm-up time, even though it was due to injury. Made a couple a big stops, including a sick post-to-post save in the 3rd. He was 1st star of the game.
  6. This is good for Wedgewood. The ECHL has traditionally been an offensive league so he's going to see a ton of rubber. At this level, goaltenders usually split time throughout most of the season so playing time shouldn't be an issue.
  7. To defend Levy, play-by-play while watching a game on TV is VERY difficult. No atmosphere to draw from and no control as to what you are seeing. He did as well as you can expect in that situation. Melrose, on the other hand, could have been better. It seems like he relies on knowing the players from years of experience in the NHL. He would have had to do a little research for the KHL players he's never seen, which he probably didn't do. Either way, it was nice to see a game on TV at very least. Hopefully, the AHL and/or ECHL end up on TV as well.
  8. I just saw that the Albany Devils will play the Adirondack Phantoms in a pre-season game on Tuesday, October 2nd. Game time is 2pm from Virtua Flyers SkateZone in Voorhees, NJ. Admission is free!
  9. twillms73

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  10. Steve does a great job with soccer, and with the Devils. Rosen is great at football and good at hockey when not doing Rangers games. Doc is certainly out of him element in water polo. He does ask the color commentator all of the questions that us non-water polo fans would ask. He has a genuine curiosity about the game. Personally, I think he would have been better off doing field hockey. Most of the terminology and build-up is the same and less scoring allows for more legitimate excitement on each goal. Us Devils fans have certainly been blessed. Gary Thorne, Doc, Cangi, Mike Miller.....all g
  11. Mine is @IYMSportsRadio, but I mostly tweet about my broadcasting stuff.
  12. Agreed. We are quickly becoming the most spoiled fan base in the NHL. When they lost Gomez, everyone panicked and complained that all they did was get Zubrus to replace him. It took time but they got back to being a contender. Now, they lose Parise. Friends, give it time and have some faith.
  13. Here's hoping he has the same success as Gomez. Of course, I'm in the running for the Orlando Solar Bears' broadcaster job(Wild's ECHL club), so, I might change my mind LOL
  14. This "over-payment" is a "thanks for being part of the reason we're not in Nashville" payment. He's also the best option out there by far. One of the qualities that this franchise embodies, is loyalty and, in the case, it's a 2 way street. Welcome back home, Marty!
  15. The injuries with the current rules are rare but they're life-changing. It's just not needed. I've seen the hybrid over the last couple of years while covering college hockey and it takes nothing away from "the race". It just changes the finish line.
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