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  1. At least 94O is honest about the Rags not being that good, I know so many Rangers fans that are still under the illusion that they are the best because they are still in first. Anywho here is a stat for you guys. The Rangers have given up more goals(103) than scored(102)
  2. Wasnt everyone saying how gomez would "flourish" away from the Devils? That is why Lou is a genius, he realized that Gomez's motivation is money. So i as im sure every other Devils fan is happy that he chose to resign Elias the season before. As for Renney, I must admit I dont know too much about him. All I know is that he has made the Rangers a respectable franchise. However, blowing a 4-0 lead is inexcusable for both the players and the coach. Why Renney told them to sit back against Ovechkin and friends is beyond me.
  3. spyro


    god, am i the only person Boston does not impress? We should have beaten there asses. And why does our team always get stopped by desperation saves a.k.a Thomas on Elias or Fleury on Langs. Desperation svaes arent skill they are luck. Also we hit 2 or 3 posts. There pressure was limited to the Lucic goal.
  4. sorry, i missed the game i was at a wedding. seems like a really nice win and im happy we got it going offensively again. I watched the highlights and i noticed Elias was playing with Langs. Were the lines any different tonight?
  5. how the hell did you manage to get that
  6. Santa got me the Devs Pens game tommorow and the Devils Flyers game March 1st
  7. yea but Elias is having a better month IMO
  8. i knew he was nasty at soccer when he had that "back heel" pass vs the rags in the 06 playoffs
  9. True this calander year the Sens have been terrible
  10. Mono sucks I got it in 8th grade. If its mono you will feel lik sh1t for any where from 3-6 weeks. No fun bro
  11. spyro

    Sunday's game

    yeah, but people didnt know that when they purchased the tickets and watched the game
  12. OK the Sens have had the likes of Spezza, Heatley, Alfredsson, Havlat, Hossa, Yashin, and Fisher just to name a few. There problem has and always will be goaltending. Gerber, Auld, Lalime, and Ron Tugnutt
  13. spyro

    Sunday's game

    dude i went to the flyers devils game while game 4 of the WS was going on, the place was sold out. Dont use that arguement
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