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  1. He's rising farther and faster than anyone. ISS didn't even have him in their Top 30 as recently as October. Brock Otten now ranks him the second best OHL prospect for the draft. By the time June rolls along I expect him to go 4th or 5th.
  2. Right now, I think that's the most likely top 5. Strome is on the rise. I don't think he'll be available past the 5th pick, unless someone is really in love with Murphy. At 7th or 8th (which is Buffalo's pick right now), you're probably looking at Murphy, Saad, Hamilton, Siemens, Armia and Khokhlachev.
  3. Outside of Landeskog, I don't think there are any players in the draft that can play effectively in the NHL next season. Larsson could probably play in the NHL, but I think he'd have a really really rough season. I think Couturier would have a Joe Thornton type, 10-15 point rookie season.
  4. There are 44 statistically qualified goaltenders in the league. Brodeur's GAA (3.15) is 38th and his SVPCT (.882) is 44th, i.e., worst in the league.
  5. All non-playoff teams are eligible to win the lottery, but no team can move up more than 4 spots. Only the teams with the 5 worst records can wind up with the first overall pick, and you can't move down more than one spot if you don't win. If the Devils have the worst record, they can only pick 1st or 2nd.
  6. As of right now, it's going to take 96 points to get the 8th seed.
  7. There isn't much value in the top 2 picks in this draft anyway. This isn't a draft with franchise players at the top. The 1st and 2nd picks likely won't be worth the close to $4M cap hit on their ELCs. IMO getting a Saad, Murphy, Strome, Armia, Hamilton or Siemens somewhere between 5 and 8 will be just as good as picking first or second overall. I think 5 years from now, the difference between these players will be negligible and the best player may very well end up not being Couturier or Larsson.
  8. Brodeur's stats on the back end of back-to-back starts this season: 0-6-0, 4.34 GA, .852 SV%
  9. They've now lost 8 straight road games, the most since the '83-'84 season when they dropped 12 straight road games between Oct. 19 and Dec. 1, 1983. Next four road games are Caps, Hurricanes, Flyers and Lightning. If they want to go for the new franchise record unlucky 13, it'll be on Saturday, January 15th in Sunrise against the Panthers.
  10. Event Summary 13 missed shots + 13 blocked shots
  11. He can't skate at all and he's a hard sneeze away from missing the entire season with another concussion. He's not going to initiate much contact.
  12. Meanwhile, the CBA information he posted regarding buyouts is incorrect. He's keeping everyone updated on the temperature though.
  13. What defenseman better than Martin is he trading for? What assets do the Devils have that they can give up for a top pairing defenseman?
  14. If they don't want to come back, which is starting to look likely, there isn't anything Lou can do about. What players available are equal to or better than Martin and Kovalchuk?
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