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  1. k i made a team on hf boards but had problem with a guy so i decided to leave. now i wanna see who is interested to make a club with me. when i was with the hf team i was offensive d-man and i have 52 goals in 40 games. so tell me if you're interested and leave me your psn, and the position you'd like to play.... thank you and hope we have fun.
  2. DevilishFan30

    NHL 09

    You have to calculate yourself by adding all the ratings and divide them by the numbers of rating. long but i think that you have no choise Guys i already did a team on hfboards for ps3 and need more ppl so if anyone is interested tell me your psn, the pos you wish to play and the number of your jersey
  3. dem i found this game boring really you have to buy a 300 dollars graphic card to get a really nice graphs. rather buy a 360 or a ps3 and play COD 4
  4. He shoot and.......... SCARRRRRRRR.... what a HEADARRRR
  5. Just wanted to go check tix on stubhub and theres already 2 tix lefts. i smell another sold out
  6. All i could get is one mezzanine ticket and 1 behind the net ticket
  7. i rather have people doing the wave at a hockey game then a death silence
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