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  1. Won a free christmas jersey for buying playoff tickets

  2. Yes the a$$hole chant is my fav. but no one does it anymore
  3. sorry you want to sound bush league but i kinda feel like its time that our fans be noticed as a good fan base and not as crap like we are now. We have one of the worst fan bases in the league i hope you know!
  4. Those are childish. Like for cheerleaders. The Fans are NOT cheerleads buddy. They also are not original.
  5. The last one was good but the first ones are not original. We need something home made, never been done before, unique to us. Something we can be proud of and not just be a saying but it will be something that will help make our fans have an identity. You know know when you watch the montreal canadiens play at home and on the tv you hear the fans singing the ole song? we need something like that
  6. I am not to sure enough people know the number of the beast and I don't think thats a great chant. lol i wish cause thats a great line!!!!
  7. Those are actually good ideas but Greene doesn't usually make good plays. I like the idea for a site or maybe on this forum have another section. Admins any thoughts on that?
  8. So I was just at the Devils vs. Montreal game and I was talking with a Candiens fan who was very disturbed by the hostility and unoriginality of our chants. For example the 'Rangers Suck' chant he found to vague and just pointless. He also pointed out that all of our chants were very similar to all of the chants and jeers found in college hockey. We need to come up with unique cheers that only the Devils have! Ideas for chants and cheers? How to start the chants and cheers? PLEASE people we are a good team and even though we are young we should have something more original then the cheers people brought back from college!
  9. Not Dowd, he didn't impact the team that much. It should be a few of the people from our first playoff year and first stanley cup year
  10. Has there been a response from the letter?
  11. I saw retired Devil Scott Stevens. He was the instructor at my hockey camp. I also saw Jan Ludvig. I know Zack Parise, Chico Rechic, Can Janssen, and Patrick Elias were instructing other weeks.
  12. Scott Stevens is RIPPED. Oh and when I asked hinm what he thought of avery he said "I wish I still played hockey"
  13. I hate the horrible organ music. I wish there was more crowd music (cheering)
  14. rawr go devils I love the 3 stooges
  15. I have a Ken Daneyko game used stick (how much do you think it would be worth?). I would be interested in THe john madden stick, does it come with a certificate of authenticity?
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